LandScape Magazine Review

Today – LandScape Magazine Review

Life at nature’s pace…

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on The Simple Things magazine saying how much I love it. I had a chorus of agreement from many mums I know and a couple of them suggested I take a look at LandScape too.

I love discovering a new magazine.


LandScape Magazine Review

Oh LandScape is a lovely magazine indeed.

LandScape Magazine Review

LandScape is a lovely glossy magazine celebrating nature in all its glory. It has features on gardens,  home cooking , crafting, flowers, vegetables, countryside traditions and pastimes, animals and insects. It is packed with the most gorgeous photographs and it is really a beautiful magazine.

It had some lovely craft ideas that I am really excited about My favourite were the cute little sail boats made from cork


Better get the wine in in preperation

There were ideas for making light bulb vases, natural fabric conditioner, upcycling tote bags, cherry pie, potato flan strawberry nectar and sweet petals. Oh and so, so much more.

To read LandScape and be immersed in it’s world is like visiting  a Miss Marple village, seeing out English countryside and gardens at their very best and learning a few wonderful things as you meander about.

It costs £3.99 and is out bi-monthly. Go to LandScape Magazine’s website to see how to subscribe.

Discover life at nature’s pace

LandScape Magazine Review


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