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Large Scale Home Improvements – What to Consider

Large Scale Home Improvements

Let’s take a look at all the things you need to consider with a big home renovation project

I have been thinking for a while that rather than move I would actually like to make some large scale home improvements.  I have been doing some research on the benefits of these and of the potential value to be added to our home. It is so certainly something worth considering.


Large Scale Home Improvements

Large Scale Home Improvements


Large scale improvements – the options

Now, personally I would like a huge conservatory to be added to our home, so I could fill it with plants and practice my tai chi in there. Perhaps I would have a little desk too and this could be my writing space? A conservatory brings a new room to a family home and so much potential.

I also think it would be lovely to move our outer kitchen wall. I long for an island in my kitchen and space to bake alongside, my teens. At the moment if any more than one of us try to cook we bump into each other all the time.

But really we have some rather pressing space issues that we need to solve and that I can really no longer ignore.


Large Scale Home Improvements

Large Scale Home Improvements


The benefits of large scale improvements

When ew we moved into this house there was just the 2 of us. Since then we have had 2 babies who have grown into teens and in many ways, our house no longer fits our needs. Our problems include:

I guess these are pretty common issues for growing families.

The benefits of having an extra bathroom, a larger bedroom my daughter is able to study in and a kitchen we can socialise more easily in are huge. For our family life, they would provide a great deal of stress relief and our life quality would be immeasurably better. No more queuing to get int he bathroom or banging into each other in our poky kitchen.

large scale home improvements


A double-storey extension would enable us to fix all out problems with one job – extending our kitchen and creating a downstairs bathroom plus adding a bigger bedroom for ou daughter upstairs. The cost of a double story extension is something we obviously need to consider but as I have explored above the benefits for us personally are huge.


The value of large scale improvements

People like space and additional rooms and when it comes to buying houses this is of huge value to the buyer. A large scale home improvement is going to make a home more attractive to a buyer and more appealing and will probably make you a tidy profit on what you layout on the extension.

This does, however, depend on where you live, cost of your extension, the housing market at the time and a host of variables.  But people are always happy to pay more for more space. 


Do I need an architect for large scale home improvements?

Well would have assumed I did but actually no, it is possible to go straight to a builder


Do I need planning permission for large scale home improvements?

Depending on how far you are planning to extend you may or may not need planning permission. Your builder or architect will be able to advise you on this.


large scale home improvements

large scale home improvements

Lots of things to think about with large scale improvements – but oh, it would immeasurably change our lives.


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