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Life Insurance and Art

Life insurance and art what an odd combination? Insurance has been turned into art thanks to three of the UK’s biggest artists. The purpose being to to prevent people from losing their policy details.

Isn’t this just an unusual but utterly fabulous idea.

Customers buying life insurance with online provider Beagle Street will now receive their policy on the back of a piece of art produced by artists Jessica Albarn (sister of Blur frontman Damon), Anthony Burrill or Craig & Karl.

Apparently there is over £1 billion sitting in lost life insurance policies in the UK hence the idea of placing the policy on the back of a work of art. So much wasted money

Head on over to Beagle Street to take a look. Which one is your favourite…?




The exclusive prints are simply a beautiful and unforgettable way to keep you hands on your insurance.

I chose the bees…so cute! This may seem a pretty odd idea but I think actually it is really sensible and just quirky enough to catch on. It is one of those things you cannot help but tell your friends about. I bet you find you do!


I wish I had invented the idea – it really is absolutely ingenious!

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