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LighterLife Fast Review

LighterLife Fast Review

One of my aims for this new year is to get really fit and healthy. I am at least a few stone overweight and that is definitely an area I need to tackle.


LighterLife Fast Review,


LighterLife Fast Review

I was really excited to be offered the chance do LighterLife Fast review


Lighterlife fast

LighterLife’s Fast’s simple ‘fast philosophy’ is that you fast for two days a week with four LighterLife Fast meals, and on the remaining 5 days (what we call ‘smart days’) enjoy healthy meals and snacks. Using the ‘fast philosophy’ you can help maintain your weight or lose up to 2lbs a week while still getting 100% of your daily nutritional requirements. There are over 52 LighterLife Fast products to choose from and the range looks great.

Have a look at this video to find out more.



Key features of LighterLife Fast Review

There are some real perks to this weight loss system:

  • It is simple and convenient.
  • There is no cooking
  • No calorie counting
  • You are getting all the nutrients you need
  • LighterLife Fast makes eating well easy.

On the Lighterlife Fast blog, there are lots of meal ideas for non fasting days and fitness advice too so I will be visiting often.  I have kicked off today’s fasting with a chocolate shake and a peanut flavour bar, some porridge and a vegetable soup. It’s been a good day and everything tasted delicious and I have felt full …so let’s see how I get on. I have enough products for 4 weeks worth of LighterLife Fast so I will pop back in 4 weeks and let you know how I got on and what my weight loss is!

Wish me luck with my lighterlife fast reviewx

You can find out more at http://www.lighterlifefast.com/


Where to buy LighterLife fast products

Lighter Life fast Products are available to purchase at Superdrug

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