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Best New Lighting Trends in 2022

I am so excited to being you the best new lighting trends of 2022.  This is they  year to truly light up your home ( and your life) 

As we move into 2022, it is clear to see that lighting trends are changing and evolving with our tastes and preferences; the general idea with trends in 2022 is that they enthuse individuality and personality into elements of your home. A really effective way to do this is with exciting new lighting trends in 2022.


Lighting Trends in 2022


From exciting shapes to interesting mood lighting, there is sure to be something for everyone in these new ideas. I do hope you enjoy reading this article and take some inspiration form all my ideas. 


Best New Lighting Trends in 2022

Lighting trends in 2022 utilise a lot of similar ideas compared to general home design in terms of colours and themes, but new shapes and materials could be the perfect addition if you want to change up the way you light your home.

Select a few of these trends to add the perfect amount of personality and class to your lighting!

I love the ideas below so stylish fun and modern too.



Sustainability in Lighting Trends in 2022

We have to be eco aware when it comes to our home design in 2022 as out r planet and our children depend on us getting things right. We have no excuse the materials are there just waiting to be used. 

Working off the growing importance of sustainability, lighting trends have followed this by using natural materials like pale wood to form the basis for lights. Wooden lampshades and sconces allow for a breath of fresh air no matter which room they are used in.

In addition to this, there are also lots of natural references in lighting trends of 2022. Twiglike patterns allow for a natural feel without necessarily using natural materials, and create a light atmosphere.

This would be well utilised in a light, modern kitchen that incorporates similar wooden and natural highlights, but could also mesh well with modern metallic accents to create a dynamic contrast.



Lighting trends in 2022 embrace vintage / pre-loved

As sustainability lies at the heart of lighting trends in 2022, people are increasingly shopping in vintage and charity shops for new items; this allows for uniqueness in lighting design and home design in general.

This meshes very well with the general trend of vintage styles in home design, with second-hand pieces becoming increasingly popular in areas like kitchen design. With climate change at the forefront of our news, it makes sense that lighting trends are evolving to work together with the environment.

This new trend has a sustainable application, but allows you to collect one-of-a-kind lighting designs; you can be sure that no one will have the same!


Lighting Trends in 2022


Lighting Trends in 2022 on a budget!

The popularity of vintage home design extends to all other elements, meaning it is much easier (and cheaper!) to craft your dream home in 2022; pop down to the local charity shop and have a peruse of decor or simply use what you already have. It does not need to cost a firtune to keep up with the latest designs 


Shaping in lighting trends in 2022

Shaping of lighting trends in 2022 tends to take precedence over bold colours. Simplistic tones like black, grey, and white allow for striking lighting that does not dominate a room, and ergonomic colours like beige and light wood align well with naturalistic lighting trends.

Interesting shapes are much more important than exciting colours, and this means that you can go wild with paint and wallpaper colours in your home design. There is truly something for everyone with 2022 lighting trends, as you can vary between different colours and shapes, or create a cohesive look by matching everything together.


lighting trends in 2022


Metals in Lighting Trends in 2022

If natural colours and materials aren’t to your liking, never fear!

Metals are as popular as ever in 2022 lighting trends, but they’re moving away from cold silvers and into warm tones like gold and bronze. This would be the perfect choice to complement a neutral coloured room, as it adds an exciting accent without diminishing the overall feel of the room.

In previous years, colours like rose gold and silver have been popular for metallic furnishings; these can be incorporated into 2022 lighting trends, but if you’re fancying a change, definitely opt for gold or bronze as they add the perfect warmth to a neutral room.



This is the beautiful quality of lighting trends, as they can be as bold or as simplistic as you would like, based on the mood you’re trying to achieve. Match exciting lighting trends to minimalistic paint colours and neutral furnishings, or use beautifully classic colours in lighting to complement a jewel-toned wall colour. Home design in 2022 is all about individuality and taste!


Spotlights in Lighting Trends in 2022

Coming back to the shaping of lighting trends in 2022, it’s a major weigh-up between the classic pendant light and spotlights.

In a 2022 kitchen, it seems more pertinent to use spotlights as they add warmth and light to your room without interfering with the ambiance, but short pendant lighting with interesting lampshades can enthuse personality to a living room or hallway.

If you opt for pendant lighting, ensure you choose cohesive colours and lampshades that enhance the mood of the room.



Obviously, fun lampshades are still floating around, and when chosen carefully, they could be the perfect accessory for a room; but 2022 shapes tend to be either ergonomic or classic. This aligns perfectly with trending colours and materials and means there is something for everyone’s tastes. This also allows the home design to be timeless, so if you don’t feel like re-doing your lighting every year, new designs can last forever.


LED sculpture lighting

A fun addition to lighting trends in 2022 is LED sculpture lighting. This could be seen as both a home decor trend and a lighting trend, as they are an interesting addition to both elements. They add brightness to a room, depending on the colour, but they also act as a fun talking piece, and it is easy to find a design that goes well with your taste. If you’re someone looking for a fun way to light up your home in 2022, look no further.


Lighting Trends in 2022


It is important to remember that in spite of this myriad of interesting new trends, 2022 home design is all about being cohesive. Select a few trends that appeal the most to you, but don’t completely overhaul your entire lighting design as it can become much too busy and confusing. To maintain that sleek, classy look, change up a few colours and shapes but don’t overload yourself with new lights and accessories!


Light Trends in 2022 – In conclusion

Overall, lighting trends in 2022 incorporate public opinions and cultural changes like sustainability and vintage pieces, whilst staying true to classic colours on shapes to create ideas that are simultaneously modern and timeless. New colours are exciting and infuse life into any room whilst maintaining a stunning classy feel.


Lighting Trends in 2022



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