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5 On-Trend Living Room Lighting Ideas

I have been pondering some living room lighting ideas today.

So our living is due a major makeover and I have all the big stuff sorted. You know those things you think about first – the furniture, the sofas even what we are going to do about the window dressings. They were easy because I had a very clear vision of how I wanted the living room to look. The bit I was stick on (as always) was the detail. 

Always my sticking point. Cushions, candles and coffee table s always take me a while but after A LOT of online shopping I now have these pretty much nailed down too.

But living room lighting ideas. Ooh they take some thought. Lighting is so important to get right so I have spend t some time really thinking about this.


Living Room Lighting Ideas

You can visit OzLighting to see a selection of beautiful lights and they have inspired me greatly. I have decided to look t my living room in terms of lighting zones in order to decide what will work best


Reading zone – Desk lamp

 I love to read it is absolutely one of my greatest pleasures in life.  I have a little corner by my book case where I like to snuggle up with a blankie and read. I have a little table next to the book case where I place my coffee and snacks and it is absolutely crying out for a desk lamp of some kind to help me feel ultra cosy.  UNlike a table ligh I can direct a desk lamp onto my book which would be perfect.

Living Room Lighting Ideas


Dark Corner – table lamp

A lovely table lamp would be perfect for a dark corner in our living room and it would cast a lovely glow. I know juts the corner! I always think a little table light give s a cosy warming glow and this is perfect when you want to hunker down in your living room.

 And doesn’t it just co-ordinate beautifully with the desk lamp from OzLighting?


Living Room Lighting Ideas


What other living room lighting ideas do I have? Well I do have to think about the main lights an perhaps some picture lighting too.


Main lighting – Pendant for Living Room Lighting Ideas

I do like sleek and minimalist lighting it suits my style and it’s un-fussiness really appeals to me. 

This pendant would be just perfect for my living room  (and much easier to clean than a fabric shade!)  This would cast a lovely lot of light too wouldn’t it?


Living Room Lighting Ideas



Living Room Lighting Ideas – Picture Lights

 I love art  and I have a few really special paintings. To have picture lights under them or above them to really show them off would be a little bit of luxury for my living room and something I have never actually tried before. I think they would look super smart.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

So there you go a little selection of lighting ideas for my lounge makeover – aren’t they all just lovely?

Did I miss anything?  What lighting do you have in your living room?



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