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Living the Electric Scooter Lifestyle: 8 Factors to Consider

Thanks to electric scooters like the ones at iScoot, people can now commute five times quicker than walking.   

The cherry on top?

They are cheaper and more fun than regular bicycles while being environmentally friendly!

And oh, you can ditch the concern of arriving sweaty to wherever you’re headed.

With more companies selling these vehicles, it’s important to know what to look for to make a well-informed purchase. To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up the top eight electric scooter buying tips for adults.


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8 Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter

Every buyer has a basic idea of their preferred e-scooter features. The following tips will help you choose the right scooter that meets your specific needs and puts your safety first.

1.      Technological Specifications

You must check what technology an electric scooter uses before investing in it. The battery is the life of the two-wheeler, so make sure you do proper research.

Generally, ampere e-scooters come with two types of batteries:

  • Li-ion battery
  • Lead-acid battery

You can also get a good idea of the scooter’s range and speed from the type of battery it uses. Thankfully, charging an electric scooter is easier and much more convenient than refuelling vehicles. You just have to follow the recommended charging time when plugging it in at night so you can ride away the next day! 

2.      Scooter Design

As an adult who plans to commute to work or run errands by an electric scooter, you’d want to look for an elegant design. Since some scooters have messy wiring, it’s best to look for one that has all the wires encased in the handlebar.

The majority of modern models provide easy access to the controls for a comfortable ride. Some scooters can even be folded for easy carrying and storage. Often, you also get the chance to customize the colours, depending on your preferences. You can then cruise in style every day!     

3.      Weight

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an electric scooter. You should look for:

  • Carrying weight of the scooter
  • Maximum rider weight allowed

The scooter’s weight determines its portability. Keeping your daily commute in mind, decide how much weight you can easily carry up the stairs or hold while walking down the hallway.

The weight may vary based on the kind of motor you choose. Generally, one that weighs between 20 lbs. and 30 lbs. is a good choice. Make sure you check the vehicle can carry your weight easily before purchasing it.    

4.      Range

If you plan to travel long distances with your electric scooter, you must check how often it needs to be charged. For the most part, this depends on the battery life of the scooter. Keep in mind that cheap e-scooters have cheap batteries, whose efficiency diminishes with every charge.  

Check how many miles the vehicle will go per charge to ensure you’ll reach your destinations hassle-freely. Most e-scooters can go 15 to 20 miles. Some expensive models may have a range of 40 to 50 miles.

Additionally, find out how much time the scooter requires to charge fully and how portable its battery pack is. Many great models take no more than 4 to 5 hours to recharge.  

5.      Motor Power

An electric scooter with 250 watts of power is good enough for flat-ground rides and going over small hills. If you live in an area with several hills or slopes, you should consider buying a scooter with a more powerful motor, or better yet, dual motors. This is because a steep hill causes even a 500-watt motor to slow down.

6.      Brakes

When exploring your options, you’ll likely find e-scooters with the following kinds of brakes.

  • Foot brakes
  • Drum brakes
  • Electric/regenerative
  • Disc brakes

On this list, disc brakes bring their A-game in terms of reliability and efficiency. However, they usually come with premium models only that are costlier. If you’re on a tight budget, you should consider opting for electric brakes. They work pretty well when combined with a foot brake. Moreover, they require zero maintenance.     

7.      Tires

All electric scooter models have either airless (solid rubber) or pneumatic (air-filled) tires. The latter offers better shock absorption and handling. However, they also require more maintenance than the solid rubber ones. The shock absorption function allows you to enjoy smoother rides without the risk of getting a flat tire.   

If you opt for pneumatic tires, you should consider buying the puncture protection fluid as well. If you insert it before taking your scooter out for the first time, you may never have to change your tires. Don’t forget to check air pressure before a ride so that you can top it up if low. This is critical for proper grip, safety, and brake effectiveness.  

8.      Water Resistance

You may be surprised to know that not all electric scooters are waterproof. This means most models will stop working on wet surfaces. Hence, you’ll have to avoid going out in the rain or riding through puddles.

Most importantly, some companies invalidate the warranty if you get the vehicle wet. As a result, the cost of replacement will fall on your shoulders.

If you live in a wet climate, purchasing a waterproof e-scooter is the best bet. This kind of vehicle will take you on enjoyable rides all year long.   


Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read all the electric scooter buying tips, you can make a well-informed decision. While all the features discussed above are important, you may be more concerned about some than others.

Before you start browsing the models, you must figure out what you need in an e-scooter. Think of the cruising range, speed, and ride quality you’d prefer for daily commutes. If you live in flat terrain and don’t plan to ride in the rain, you could skip the motor power, brakes, and tires you get with the most expensive models.

The idea is to determine your unique needs, requirements, and preferences and pick the best electric scooter accordingly. 

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