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Living well on a budget

Living well on a budget

Let’s take a look today at living well on a budget

Living well on a budget

Living well on a budget – It’s all about value

When it comes to living well on a budget it is all about making sure what you spend your money on is of value to you and that you get the best value for your money.

Let me expand on this.

Some things I know are critical to my wellbeing – good food for example. Fresh fruit and veg are incredibly important to me in my efforts to eat healthily and really enjoy my food. This does not mean that I have to shop at the most expensive greengrocer in town. Going to a cheaper supermarket that prides itself on its fruit and veg or stocking up at my local, great value market is a  better option.

It’s about prioritising what you chose to spend your money on and then getting the best deal.


Be creative

We knew we wanted to go back to Portugal on vacation this year and stay in the villa we had stayed in previously. It is, however, an expensive holiday./We carefully monitored flight times and booked our villa slightly out of season. This meant we met our needs but were creative in the process and able to get the best price for what we wanted.

Some things you learn to do without on a budget. Much as  I love expensive perfume when I am trying to budget I really do not mind downgrading /doing without.  The same goes for meals out, if money is limited I dig out my cookbooks and make a great meal in. Creativity is a great response to limited funds.


Living well on a budget

Living well on a budget


Doing your reseach is key to living well on a budget

When it comes to broadband and tv deals

I always aim to get the best deal for me.  I would also urge you to consider the following

  • Compare top providers such as Virgin Media, BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk Absolutely do not assume they are all the same and do have a good look at what they offer and see which package best suits your priority and budgeting needs
  • Save on your bills by bundling your broadband and TV. This is always a smart move when it comes to saving cash.

 There are different lengths of contracts, different amounts of TV channels, set up costs and broadband speeds available. I love relaxing with the TV and adore watching movies so they would be a prime consideration for me. In regard to broadband, as a blogger and someone who works on the Internet, I want super fast!


One size does not fit all when living well on a budget

One size does not fit all when it comes to choosing services for our home or what to spend our money. Just because someone recommends something to you it doesn’t mean it’s a good fit or the best good deal for you.

it is really important to explore your options when it comes to choosing what to spend your money on and to getting the best value for you and your lifestyle.



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