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Lola’s Coffee Bags Review – House Blend

Lola’s Coffee Bags Review – House Blend  – I was so excited to give these a try!


Lola's coffee bags review


I am a huge coffee lover and when I was asked if I would like to do a Lola’s coffee bags review I jumped at the chance. Coffee is one of my most favourite things.


Bit of coffee fan here!

I have a coffee every single morning when I wake. Once I have done my to-do list for the day and my tai chi and weights I have another. It starts my day off beautifully. I take my coffee black and strong and a good coffee is ones of life’s greatest pleasures as far as I am concerned. I’ll even take my coffee with me if I’m visiting someone I am that particular.


Lola’s Coffee Bags Review

I have tried coffee bags before but only when someone else has made them and they have been a bit weak.  Usually, I either make my coffee in an espresso machine or I use one cup filers which I know aren’t particularly environmentally friendly so I have been looking for an alternative.

Lola’s House Blend is a dark roast, a blend of Sumatra Gayo, Brazilian Arabica, and Indian Robusta with a smoky flavour.



It is very simple to make, rather like using a teabag but the steeping for 5 minutes is really important to ensure you get the full flavour.


Lola's coffee review


It smells completely delicious and I imagined myself in a little cafe just waiting on my coffee in the sunshine.


Lola's coffee review


It tasted just as good as it smelled, rich and smooth and a really full flavour. And how easy are these to pop in your bag – you need never drink substandard coffee again.

Lolas Coffee bags can be ordered from the Speciality Coffee Company who describe the coffee as

Lola’s House Blend is our version of the house red. Rich, dark and thoroughly enjoyable. It is made up of 80% arabica beans from Brazil and Central America and 20% of a beautiful Indian robusta coffee bean. It has a medium flavour with layers of caramel, hazelnut and cocoa. The Lola’s House Blend works exceptionally well in any situation.

I would have to agree I would totally drink this any time and anywhere.

The Speciality Coffee company provide speciality coffees on a wholesale basis and individual orders work out great value too.  Check out this page to see pricing options for Lola’s Coffee bags. For a £33 order of a case you would have 100 bags working out at 33p each – you would be well stocked for a great price!



What is speciality coffee?

Speciality coffee is defined as any coffee that scores above 80 points on a 100 point scale.Typically, speciality coffee is grown at high altitudes, with much care and attention from the farmer. From there, it is sold at a premium to coffee traders, or direct to roasters.

The roasters then create custom profiles for each coffee, enhancing and highlighting their natural flavours.

Baristas then use the carefully grown and roasted coffee to produce quality beverages, often with high precision and specialised equipment. (Speciality Coffee Company)



Summing up my Lola’s Coffee review

Would I drink Lola’s Coffee again?

Absolutely – get the kettle on!


I do hope you have enjoyed my Lola”s coffee review-  I was provided with the coffee for the purpose of my review but all opinions are my own  (you might also like a read of my Rave coffee review)

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