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Looking stylish at work

today – looking stylish at work

Looking stylish at work


Looking stylish at work

Workwear, for some, has become synonymous with boring and predictable. However, it does not have to be that way. Follow our advice below to make sure that you look stylish in the workplace.


Inject some colour

Black or grey suits are absolutely fine; there is no issue with them. However, pairing them with a white shirt or blouse can result in you looking as though you are attending both work and a funeral. Colour can really make a difference. A colourful top can look incredibly stylish along with a simple, classic suit. The perfect tie could make a fashion statement too. None of the silly cartoon ties, but something that stands out for the right reason. For those in less corporate roles, consider the look you are hoping to convey. Avoid clashing patterns, but do not be afraid to play around a bit and go for fun fashion.



A pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Interviewers can make decisions based on how scuffed or polished shoes are, so it is vital to make a good impression by choosing a decent pair of shoes. That does not mean that they have to be boring, far from it. Choose a style that will be practical for whatever role you carry out and ensure that they offer comfort too. There is nothing worse than being stuck in an uncomfortable pair of shoes knowing you still have hours of work left. Whether you buy shoes online or from the high street, be certain to go for quality. Having a few different pairs of shoes will mean there will be an element of surprise at work each day too. 



When an outfit is complete, you need to consider how you will accessorise. That does not mean rummaging through your jewellery drawer and pulling out a random pair of earrings and a necklace. Far from it, to ensure you carry off style, you need to plan ahead. Wearing a cerise top and having ruby earrings will not work and probably make you look as though you got dressed in the dark. Stylish silver or gold jewellery can work with multiple looks and add a touch of class. Consider which bag will go well with your chosen clothing, but also ensure it is practical and holds the right amount of things.


Hair and make up

Spending a bit of time on your hair and perhaps make up on a morning is worthwhile. The ‘just got out of bed’ look certainly does not equate to stylishness, so avoid that by setting your alarm a little earlier. Just running a brush or comb through can really make a world of difference for some people. Others need a bit more time if they have longer hair. Try out washing and drying the night before to see if that works for you if you struggle with time on a morning. Alternatively, have a go to up do, which could be a loose bun or simple ponytail. As for make up, Aunt Sally is not the look you are trying to emulate. Less is certainly more. Most department store concessions will offer a free make up trial. If you tell them you are aiming for a natural look, they might be able to help you and teach you a few tricks of the trade.


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