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I have always had a strong sense of smell and pleasing fragrances have always really had the power to move me.

I was recently invited to review some candles form Love Aroma and I was delighted.

Love Aroma is a home fragrance retailer that is really keen to help people discover new ways of adding some scent to their lives. They have  a couple of stores in the midlands and a new website which is excellent.

Their candle range is just wonderful, extensive, diverse and of great quality.

I find candles are  just fabulous home accessories an inexpensive way to change the moos d and the feel of a home. I love the fragrance, the look of a beautiful candle and the atmosphere they can create.

The ocean tide and sea salt paddy wax candle we reviewed (see above) is such a lovely aqua colour with such a fresh sea aroma it transports you to the ocean. It really added a freshness to our home when we lit it and after a hot muggy day this was so welcome. The jar can be resealed when not in use and it  is such a pretty colour.  It is made with soywax and natural fragrance and gives you 60 hours burn time.

It really is beautiful and at £17 it is a delightfully budget addition to brightening up a dreary day.

We also reviewed this lovely candle called on a wick & a prayer in crisp cotton which we are giving as gift to my daughters teacher. It looks so pretty and smells so refreshing. These British candles are hand poured in the Peak District using English style fragrances and quality waxes.  For just £7.99 this makes a truly stunning gift.

The last candle we reviewed is the Heyland and Whittle Wild Lemongrass Tin Candle. (£10.80)  It is divine..it has a strong fresh aroma and is so invigorating,  this a ‘wake up’ kind of candle.  I think the tin is very cute and its lovely to just be able to store a part used candle away.

All gorgeous.

Love Aroma

Love Aroma doesn’t just sell candles, they also sell burners, reed diffusers, accessories, oils pillow sperats and more. It is a lovely store well worth a browse.

These lovely fragrances have made me smile.




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