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Why I love a handwritten letter #writingisforever

You may have noticed this little badge in my sidebar?

National stationery week takes place in . The aim of NSW week is to get Britain writing, and to focus on the importance of handwriting.

For me this is rather wonderful campaign to support I am a huge stationery fan. I adore sending letters and postcards from friends and family and keeping in touch ‘the old fashioned way’.  I love to re-read letters I receive, to know someone took the time to write to me and to post it. I love different stationery and beautiful pens. A quickly jotted email or a text message has none of the personality a handwritten letter can contain. I love getting real post don’t you?

I have been using a real pen this week. I was sent a Sheaffer fountain pen to review. It s a very long time since I used a fountain pen. I have to say it felt such a treat to write with this. It just glided and it really felt smooth and comfortable to hold.

The fountain pen comes complete with a Sheaffer converter, this enables you to  fill from an inkwell and will also accept  Sheaffer Skrip cartridges (that come in a variety of lovely colours including my favourite turquoise.)


Sheaffer Sagaris Fountain Pen - Metallic Brown


It comes in a variety of colours including a gold plated version which I rather have my eye on too.


Sheaffer Sagaris Fountain Pen - 22c Gold Plated


the Sagaris comes in a gift box with a 3 year warranty too and it costs between £40-£50

I adore it!

I wrote this little note with it today on Instagram.


It got such a lovely response lots of likes and thumbs up and hearts, handwritten notes do touch hearts.

So lovely to use real ink and so lovely to write with this gorgeous pen.





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