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Love Is In The Air: Planning A Romantic Break to London

Today – A Romantic Break to London

There really is something strangely romantic about cities; think about it, some of the places classed as ‘the most romantic in the world’ are big built up cities, It’s not to say beaches and countryside are without their charms, but actually the cityscape with lots of activity, bright lights and excitement can be a fantastic place to take your love. Maybe you’re arranging a trip for Valentines Day, an anniversary or maybe you want to pop the question. Whatever it is, if you want to enjoy a romantic getaway here are some of the activities you could consider adding to your itinerary.

Love Is In The Air: Planning A Romantic Break to London, A Romantic Break to London, Romantic Break to London


Planning a Romantic Break to London

Ride Bikes Together

When you think of London, chances are you picture the hustle and bustle of people through the streets, surrounded by tall buildings and with traffic whooshing past. However, London is also home to a number of beautiful green spaces. In places like Regents Park and Hyde Park you have the opportunity to hire bikes and follow the many cycle paths. It’s fun, a fantastic bonding activity and it will get the blood pumping and therefore the ‘happy chemicals’ in the brain released. If it’s a nice day and you get the opportunity, this could make for a really romantic activity to enjoy with your love.


Have a Picnic Lunch

While you’re enjoying the park, why not make the most of it and have a picnic for lunch? A super sweet and romantic gesture, pack up some delicious sandwiches, pastries and desserts along with a picnic blanket and enjoy soaking up the sunshine. It might take a little planning beforehand to get it right, but you can purchase picnic sets with everything included to make things easier. Then if you don’t have the opportunity to make your own food, you could purchase a baguette, some wraps or sandwiches along with other bits and pieces from delis and bakeries.


Go Boating

London is right on the river Thames, which gives you lots of opportunities to enjoy the water. The Thames is a river which has been crowned as a centre of excellence for rowing- it’ home to around seventy leisure craft clubs, facilities and marinas. It’s an iconic destination for visiting boats, and host many types of sporting events every year. While sporting and competing might not be on the agenda for a romantic trip, you could hire your own little rowing boat and enjoy the views and the conversation. Otherwise you could take a ride on a bigger boat, many have tour guides and can give you a run down of different sights and interesting information about London. You can go sailing, and you even have the chance to dine aboard a floating restaurant! Getting out onto the water can be peaceful and relaxing, you get gorgeous views of the city skyline especially later on into the evening when everything is lit up. If you’re after romance then this is an option well worth looking into.


Watch a Show

The cinema is always a favourite with couples, where you can hold hands, cosy up in comfy seats and be entertained. But something much more special and spectacular if you want to make an impression is taking your love to go and watch a show. These shows are some of the most popular, but whatever you go for it’s bound to knock their socks of where it’s so spectacular. The storyline, the colours, the music and the overall atmosphere is exciting and charming and an ideal way to spend an evening with the one you love.


Eat a Romantic Dinner

London is a foodies dream, and there are restaurants for all budgets and cuisines. Le Gavroche is at the higher end of the spectrum, and is the restaurant by Michel Roux Jr the famous tv chef. Hélène Darroze at The Connaught is another such establishment run by a famous chef, and ideal if you have cash to splash. The Delaunay, an all-day brasserie serving a modern and classic European menu is a mid priced example with Hoppers Solo and Open Kitchen being examples of more budget friendly options. Regardless of what you like, there will be something here for you. Whether you want to go with fine dining or something a little more casual, there are endless choices for places for your evening meal. Do your research, check out menus and prices online. Find out which place would suit you and your partner best, and book ahead to avoid disappointment. If you sign up to the restaurants mailing list ahead of time, you might be sent a voucher or discount code that you could use during your visit which is handy if you want to go somewhere nice but keep costs down.


Check Out The Rooftop Bars

London is home to lots of trendy rooftop bars where you can sip on a cocktail, take in the views and watch the sun set. A couple of drinks and conversation in this kind of relaxed setting can be the best way to wrap up your day in London- and could perhaps be the place where you get down on one knee if you’re planning on proposing! Radio Rooftop Bar, Rumpus Room Rooftop Bar and The Rooftop St James are all examples. Each place will have a different kind of vibe so again, it’s worth doing some research beforehand so you’re going to places that you’re likely to love.


There’s plenty to see and do in London and it’s the ideal destination for a romantic getaway. If the chaos of the busy city gets a bit too much, there are plenty of places you can escape to which are relaxed and quiet. The great thing about being in a city is that you have just about everything you could ever want contained within one area, so it’s easy to tailor your trip and go to all of the places that appeal to you most.


What would you do if you were were planning a romantic break to London ?


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Romantic Break to London


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