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Love Leggings Review

Love leggings review


love leggings review


Love Leggings Review – Our thoughts

I am so pleased to share this love leggings review with you.

I have long loved leggings, comfy, stretchy and easy to wear they have been a wardrobe staple for me as long back as I can recall.  I am always in search of the elusive perfect pair of leggings. I have had ones that have got holes in around the thigh, that have faded, that have sagged at the knee. Too often a perfect looking pair of leggings have led to disappointment. 

Love Leggings are a new brand proud to call themselves the ‘home of leggings’ They aim to produce everyday leggings that are great quality, non see through and incredibly comfortable. Well, that got my attention immediately and I was completely delighted to be asked to review a few pairs.

I am a massive champion on women in sport and the right kit goes a very long way.


Cropped Sports Love Leggings Review

I wear leggings for sports all the time and go to the gym about 3 x a week. I like to be sure my leggings are up to the job. My current pair, despite being a top sports brand,  are starting to sag around the knee.

These leggings have

  • stretch-shape retention technology
  • deep, controlling waistband to help you feel  secure
  • slimline pockets so you minimal distractions

My love leggings review

They are super comfy and feel secure and supportive but the real gane changer for me was the pockets! I can pop in my phone and my gym card which is just fantastic. I am forever losing my gym card. If I was to wear them when I went for a run I could also pop in a key. Just awesome.


Love Leggings Review


These cropped sports leggings cost £27 and I think they are excellent value. Pop over here for another great Love Leggings review – the positivity is universal! 


Cropped Love Leggings Review

I always have adored cropped leggings to wear under dresses and I always have a navy pair as blue is my go-to colour. 

The navy cropped leggings I reviewed from Love Leggings are just the ticket. At £13 they are just excellent value and they hare made from high quality and lightweight cotton. These are thick opaque leggings in a breathable fabric, so perfect whatever the weather.


love leggings review


They come in range of inclusive sizing, from UK size 4-6, to plus size  There are over 17 shades of coloured leggings to choose from plus full length, high waisted and classic alternatives.


My Love Leggings Review

These were a comfy, quality pair of leggings that I will wear again and again.


Kids Love Leggings Review

I was also sent a pair of cropped leggings for my daughter and again in navy (we like classic colours in our house!)  She’s a really active child so leggings are just right for her. She has  been playing tennis in them and declares them ‘just perfect’



Love Leggings Review

At £8 I think these were really well priced and well made.  They are made from the highest quality cotton, with a brushed lining for all-day warmth and comfort and are super durable which is EXACTLY what you need in a pair of leggings. These also come in 17 different colours.


Overall thoughts on my Love leggings review

I was genuinely so pleased with these love leggings this is the place I will go in future trusting I’ll get a quality pair that will meet all my leggings needs.

And I will never EVER buy a pair of sports leggings without pockets again!

I hope you have found my Love Leggings review to be useful – you can see there full range of leggings at Love Leggings


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  1. June 4, 2019 / 9:28 pm

    Lovely photo of you Becky! These look so comfortable x

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