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Love Yourself Review – Delicious Healthy Meals Delivered

 Over the past 3 days I have been undertaking a Love Yourself review. 


Love Yourself Review


What is Love Yourself?

Love Yourself is a service that delivers Calorie controlled meals to your home each day. No cooking required. 

I have had prepared calorie controlled food delivery services before and often the food has been a bit bleagggh.

 I was cautiously optimistic about Love Yourself though because I had read that Love Yourself cook fresh each day with fresh ingredients with no additives, preservatives, or processed foods. Plus all food is prepared by a gourmet Chef and nutritionist ensuring all meals are balanced and full of natural goodness.

Sounded promising.


Love Yourself Review


Choices of Plans on my Love Yourself Review

You get to choose the food you received by diet plan, duration and calories and there are a lot of options available. 

Just look at all the options you have available – wow!



No fish 

Dairy free 



 Gluter Free 


Such a treat to have a few days of prepared meals without skimming on quality or taste. I was so excited to try my menu. And the best bit?


 I am a huge foodie and actually have a food blog at Eat Simply but sadly I’m very time short, this was a  great solution for a food lover on a diet with no time like me!


No prep or mess, simply heat, eat, repeat and each of the meals can be enjoyed hot or cold. how fab is that!

They also deliver daily  – 5 meals in the box, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Snacks

One day of vegetarian diet plan is £25 but there are many options available of duration and pricing. 


So what did I eat on my Love Yourself review?

A lot! 

The food across the board was absolutely delicious, fresh, tasty, interesting and exciting! 

Day 1

Breakfast – Ricotta and courgette bake with a walnut salad
Morning snack – Carrot and coriander soup with raisin
Lunch – Tempeh with braised mushrooms and peppers
Afternoon snack – Saffron yoghurt with goji berries
Dinner – Masala-spiced chickpea salad with a yoghurt dressing



Day 2

Breakfast – Vegetable and lentil pate with salad
Morning snack – Cottage cheese with spring onion and radis
Lunch – Pumpkin chana masala with tofu
Afternoon snack – Buckwheat, cacao and forest berry muffin
Dinner – Greek salad with sunflower seeds


Day 3

Breakfast – Banana & peanut butter rice pudding with cashew nuts
Morning snack – Thai-herbed soup
Lunch – Spinach and turmeric dahl
Afternoon snack – Blackberry and flaxseeds smoothie
Dinner – Cauliflower “pizza” with smoked avocado dip


Love Yourself Review


I liked absolutely everything bar the rice pudding and I just have never liked rice pudding.

My standout favourites in the Love Yourself Review were the cauliflower pizza and the pumpkin masala. So good.

I lost 1.5 lb in weight and really loved not having to cook. 

The food quality was absolutely outstanding and nothing took more than 2 minutes to cook.

You can see examples of the meals through out this blog post.


Cost and delivery of the Love Yourself Review

Meal plans start from just £15 per day, visit LoveYourself.co.uk and deliver nationwide.


An added bonus

All of their meals are compatible with the MyFitnessPal app so it’s easy for you to track your daily calorie intake. Simply scan the barcode on each meal label to add the nutritional value to your account.

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