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Lovely flowers create special memories

Lovely flowers create special memories – in this post I will explore how and why this is the case


Earth laughs in flowers. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson,

When I think about lovely flowers I make an association with people and with memories.

Flowers seem to have the power  to attach themselves to people, connect themselves to times and event and occasions. Probably because they are one of natures finest gifts they have this wonderful ability. Maybe it is  because of their gorgeous fragrance, apparently smell evokes memories really powerfully. Maybe it is because of their vivacity and colour.

Whatever it is, flowers come with strong associations.


Lovely flowers create special memories

Tulips remind me of my mum.

My lovely, happy mum who delighted in the simple things in life. She never needed expensive or showy flowers. She loved tulips. As soon as they started to grow each spring along with the daffodils it would cheer her immensely. She liked sunshine and gardens so much and tulips  told her the summer was round the corner. We grew many tulips and they filled our tiny backyard garden with colour.

They put a twinkle in mum’s eye and colour in her cheeks.

Roses make me think of my Grandad, who grew huge blooms of roses in his garden and would cut them for my mum. He had all sorts of coloured roses and some were very old, but they were always so fragrant. To this day I can’t walk past someones garden without sniffing their roses and thinking of him and how proud he was of his blooms.

Lilies make me think of my wedding day.

I felt serene on my wedding day knowing I was making the right decision and at peace with the world. Everything and everyone looked so lovely and the church was filled with the same lilies I carried. So beautiful, lilies always make me think of that day and of my husband.

Red roses make me think of Valentines Day and love sweet love, many memories of kisses and cards and secrets admirers come to mind.

Orchids are so elegant aren’t they and they make me think of my friend Melanie. I am not sure why exactly she once talk me to the botanical gardens in Cambridge so maybe we saw some together there. I don’t know exactly but she is tall slim and elegant so maybe she reminds me of an orchid rather it being a particular memory!

I love flowers, they make me reflect, pause, smile, think and remember.

These flowers are from Fresh Flowers for Mothers Day

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  1. Ann Ellison
    May 7, 2014 / 6:17 am

    The bluebells this time of year are just so lovely and enhance the daily dog walk no end!

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