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Lovely things to see and do in Ibiza

Lovely things to see and do in Ibiza – lets take a look.


a perfect holiday in Ibiza


Lovely things to see and do in Ibiza

Ibiza – such a beautiful island – I long to visit there. Every single person I know who has been says how amazing it is and how it is just so much more than you would expect. There are so many treats in store for visitors.

My list of things to do and see in Ibiza include…


Ibiza Cathedral

This is such a beautiful looking cathedral.  Located at the top of Dalt Vila it is in the most stunning location with a view of the town and surrounding harbour. Apparently, it is quite a climb to reach it but is deemed beautiful both inside and out.


Ibiza Castle

I do like a bit of history and Ibiza castle sounds such a lovely place to visit – again it looks over the town and the sea and it is a bit of a walk! Perhaps you need to set off before it gets too sunny!


Es Vedra

Es Vedra is situated 2km off the west coast of Ibiza, in the Cala d’Hort area it stands ar 400m and is an uninhabited rock island made of limestone. Visitors head out on beautiful yachts to take photographs of the sunset.


Puerto de Ibiza

Ah, I do love a lovely port and this one is reputedly full of gorgeous yachts, restaurants and shopping. How absolutely perfect for a visit – a break from the beach and a chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.



Santa Eulalia Ferry

It is such a treat to travel around by boat and the ferry will take you all over Ibiza form the hippy markets (Oh, I really do love a market don’t you?) to the old town. Such a relaxing, fun and different way to get out and about.


There is so much to do and see in Ibiza it is well worth considering vehicle rental on your trip – it will give you the freedom to really explore this gorgeous, varied island.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful! Have you been?


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