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Lovely ways to promote an event

Lovely ways to promote an event

Showcasing an event can be ultra dull or absolutely beautiful and it really can make all the difference.

I have long been a fan of Toulouse Lautrec and as his gorgeous posters show, advertising an event, shop or exhibition really can be artistic and lovely ways to promote an event



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Lovely ways to promote an event

I once went to a wedding where outside the hotel reception on an old fashioned billboard with flashing lights were the names of the bride and groom. It was so effective and fun and I have long since remembered it.

Chalk boards are always a lovely vintage way to promote an event and can be so pretty and quickly erased. This makes them good value as they can be used time and again but I do think fancy chalk board writing takes skill.


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Lettered bunting is also very  en vogue and an extremely pretty way to promote an event. This fabric happy birthday bunting could be used again and again and there is something so delightfully old fashioned about it. I love that it can be recycled and it makes it such good value for money.

I do like signs you can use again and again …seems such a waster to use something just the once.

birthday buntingLovely ways to promote an event


Roll up banners like those from Aura print are also just perfect for lovely events. They are super easy to transport and really light and make a lovely visual statement. You can upload whichever image or message you would like on to the banners too.

I like to see signposts with arrows to events, they are so rustic i think they look like they are leading you to an adventure!

wood sign post

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So if you have something you want to advertise or a wedding to show off think visual and appealing  and think out of the box a standard poster is rather boring and you really can do so much more.

There are some lovely ways to promote an event.

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