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A Guide To Magnet Kitchens Planner & Magnet Kitchens Winter Sale

today – Magnet kitchens winter sale


magnet kitchens winter sale


Magnet Kitchens Winter Sale

Oh I do love a good magnet kitchens winter sale, don’t you?

And Magnet kitchens winter sale is fantastic.

To celebrate 100 years of Magnet Kitchen they have a half-price Magnet kitchens winter sale on all their kitchen cabinets and for a limited time, only you can also take advantage of Magnet’s special offer prices on the Nova and Luna kitchen ranges too.

These are really gorgeous: take a look at the beautiful Nova White. This sleek and minimal look is my absolute favourite. It combines gleaming white units and sleek bar handles and bold, black worktops. Doesn’t it just look stunning? It is also available in matte grey, cream and cashmere.




The Nova Range in the Magnet Kitchens winter sale

The Nova really is beautiful and is on current special offer at £2192.

It is a gorgeous kitchen, isn’t it? So modern, functional and stylish.


the nova range


To have a look at the full sale do pop over to  www.magnet.co.uk


magnet kitchens winter sale


The Magnet Kitchen Luna Kitchen range

The Luna kitchen in matt grey is also really lovely. I think matt works so well in a kitchen. I love the curves of the cabinets, it gives such a serene look to the kitchen and makes it look clean, simple and cosy too. Not an easy combination to pull off. It does also come in cream, cashmere and white. It is on a great special offer price at £3430 for 12 units.


magnet Luna kitchen reviews


Magnet Luna kitchen reviews

This kitchen garners rave reviews and it is really easy to see why it truly is gorgeous!


Current Magnet Kitchens winter Sale

There is also currently 50% off all cabinets as well with an extra 10% off all sale prices until January 20th.


magnet kitchens winter sale, magnet kitchen planner


Now, this really is a great Magnet Kitchens winter Sale deal and just the perfect time to get yourself a new kitchen.


Magnet kitchen planner

If you are unsure which is the right kitchen for you then have a go at Magnets fun and useful kitchenality test

It helps you look at styles and materials you like best as well as the size and purpose of your kitchen. It also encourages you to look at features and accessories you might desire and then shows you a range of kitchens that might be right for you.

Here’s what the test came up with for me…all absolutely gorgeous and just my style.


magnet kitchen planner


If you are planning to buy a new kitchen? Then Magnets kitchen planning tolol is wawesome. It walsk you step by step thoruigh your options and choices. It can be daunting but this Magnet Kitchen Planner guide will really help


Magnet showroom

Magnet has showrooms in over 200 UK locations so there is bound to be one pretty near to you. It is always a good idea to go and have a look and feel of the kitchen you are interested in. You can find your local Magnet showroom here Following the link enables you also to get directions and book a design appointment at your local Magnet showroom.


Magnet Kitchen Reviews

As you can imagine there are a huge amount of Magnet kitchen reviews out there –  if you would like to have a read of a review of any kitchen you are interested in  Magnet are so confident they showcase their 2700 plus reviews on their website and are very proud their customers give so many 5 star ratings on trust pilot. I find it very reassuring that these Magnet kitchen reviews are public. It really increases trust in the brand.

Magnet Kitchen


Magnet Kitchens Sale is absolutely awesome and has me drooling over new kitchens! Which one would you choose? I think the magnet luna kitchen reviews would swing it for me  Do let me know – how I love a good kitchen!


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  1. May 17, 2018 / 11:36 am

    Magnet kitchens are affordable yet great quality. Even more so when there is a sale on!

  2. January 9, 2018 / 8:20 am

    Love the Nova range, great price too! We’re updating our kitchen this year, I’m off to check out the Magnet site ?

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