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Magnetix Wellness

MAGNETIX  is a jewellery brand for men and women that uses the powerful and positive effects of magnets!

Each piece of their jewellery has been designed to improve health and a feeling of inner harmony by use of the  strong magnets which lie within the jewellery.

Research studies have shown magnets can not only act as an alternative method for treating a number of conditions – from arthritis to menstrual pain, migraines, sports injuries and more – but also improve to overall wellbeing. I am so keen to give this a go  as I get migraines and  occasional pions in my hands when it is cold and in the mornings.

MAGNETIX Wellness was founded by Petra Doring who was one of the first to start developing the ground-breaking effects of magnetic jewellery. After discovering the  benefits of magnets for herself, Petra started creating jewellery imbibed with magnetic therapy.

Over 10 million people wear Magnetix Wellness jewellery!

magnetix wellness


Magnetix Wellness

I was send this lovely ‘Starfish’ anklet to review. I was struck with how pretty it was for something ‘medicinal’. It is made from Copper, Stainless steel and Cubic Zirconica – can you spy the magnets on the bottom?



I will report back and let you know if it makes any difference to my aches and pains. Do pop over and have a look at the Magnetix Wellness store it has a huge range of jewellery and watches and even magnetic jewellery for kids.

They also have a lovely little wellness guide you can sign up for which send you prompts over 30 days to encourage a wellness based lifestyle.



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