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How to Make Your Family Food Experiences More Exploratory

Part of raising a family involves experiencing new foods together. It’s one of those group experiences that you have to put some work into, especially if you have children who have limited dietary interests. Your long-term aim should be to make your family’s food experiences more interesting, more varied and more exploratory. Even if those aims seem ambitious now, you’ll be surprised by what a few steps in the right direction can achieve. So here’s how to make your family food experiences more exploratory in no time.


Explore the Options Together

If you’re going to make a success of this and encourage your children to explore modes foods, you’re going to have to approach it together as a family. Your kids will be far less daunted by the prospect of new foods if you’re willing to lead by example. Whether you want to go to a butcher, a seafood market or a date paste supplier, do it together. Exploring new foods should be a team effort.


Try Something New Once a Week

Each week should represent an opportunity for you and your family to try new things together. If you only do this once every few months, you’ll fall out of that routine and then your kids will find it hard to get back into it. That’s why the once a week rule is so important; it sets your plans in stone and you develop the habit it exploring new food options and experiencing new tastes together.


Embrace Foods From Different Cultures

This whole experience is not just about encouraging your children to try new things and expand their palette, even if that is the primary reason. It’s als about embracing foods from different cultures they might not know very much about yet. It can be a method through which they learn new things and find out about cultures that would be otherwise alien to them.




Don’t Force the Issue

If you try to force your children to try new foods that aren’t appealing to them, you won’t find much success in encouraging them to explore. It needs to happen on their terms because we all know how stubborn children can be. If you force the issue too much, they’ll simply kick back and rebel against your guidance, which is the last thing you need to happen.


Make it Fun

Finally, you should make the prices of exploring new foods and new things as a family more fun. When it’s fun, it becomes enjoyable and your kids will look forward to it rather than feel daunted by the entire prospect. That’s really important so never lose sight of the fact that this is supposed to be a fun thing for all the family. Otherwise, you’ll definitely come out of this feeling disappointed with the outcomes.


Food should be a source of pleasure for your children and your whole family for that matter. By reaching out and trying new things together, you will broaden your children’s’ horizons and improve their health in the process.



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