How to make your living space flow from indoor to outdoor

I really like homes to look like the outside and the inside belong together. Do you know what I mean?

For example if I was to into a cosy looking cottage I would want it to feel cosy and cottagey.I would expect sweet little nooks and crannies, low beams, old stone fireplaces and maybe even a little attic sash window.

If I went in a very modern looking home I would like it to be reflected in the use of the inside space with modern furniture and up to date appliances. It is all about the flow.

Homestart’s new home designs reflect this ideas of flow form indoor to outdoor really well. This property is called the Cove isn’t it gorgeous! Very elegant, simple and modern.

When you look inside the layout completes flows with the outside…simple lines an uncluttered elegant spacious feel.

The inside  is exactly what I would expect and it feels harmonious with the outside.. I like that. I think gardens too should reflect the inside of homes.

My personal style  is bright, colourful and un-patterened. I like my home cosy and cheerful and practical; but not too cluttered ( I need to work on the not too cluttered.) I like it to be full of people and noise and life.I would say the outside of my home is rather boring actually but I think the cheerful red and purple hanging baskets do give an indication of the colour and life  inside.

Our garden more truly flows with our interior though, it is full of colour and energy. It is bursting with fruit and veg and busy buzzy bees and vibrant, dancing  butterflies. It is, just as the interior, a happy place to be and a comfortable place too. It has lots of seating and things to play with for the children and a big table to socialize with just like the inside. yes we have a flow from the garden to the inside.

We need to work on the front though. Maybe a cheerful mailbox, some flowering window boxes bursting with yellow and full of fragrances, maybe some pots of lavender and jasmine too. Perhaps the front could have a lovely welcome mat, a shiny brass knocker, a blue instead of white front door.

I love the ideas of the outside and inside flowing together and I am sure if I got the outside right it would make me smile everytime I saw it and it would prove much more welcoming to visitors.

OOh I am full of ideas.

Indoor to outdoor



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