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What Makes Mexico Beach Holidays Special

Mexico is a country of coastlines and it’s incredibly popular with tourists looking for the standard sun, sea and sand and holidays in Mexico are ideal options for holidaymakers who want to enjoy lots of sunshine and spend long, lazy afternoons by the beach. Not only are you able to enjoy the traditional holiday, you can also indulge in a spot of culture-spotting by visiting the Mayan ruins that are dotted around the country.


Cancun City

Cancun is the top beach resort in the country and characterises everything else in Mexico available for tourists. It can be a loud destination, full of parties and vibrant nightlife but there are plenty of amenities and facilities aimed at families as well, not to mention a beautiful inland Jeep Tour which takes in the Mayan ruins in the area, getting the best of both worlds. Diving is a strong attraction here as well as nothing beats exploring the Mayan Reef, the beautiful formations and lively ecosystem that live beyond the surface of the water.


Playa del Carmen

Close to Cancun, Playa del Carmen is an attractive little city that, like Cancun, has undergone an extreme development phase in recent years. It’s now full of entertainment venues and features some stunning beaches and coastal attractions.

Puerto Vallarta

For something much more laid-back, Puerto Vallarta, enveloped by lush Mexican terrain and soaring mountains, sits on the Pacific coast and is a culturally active and stunning corner of the world. The streets are cobbled and the houses white-washed; accompany all this with the picturesque beaches and it all adds up to one fantastic beach destination that represents both sides of the spectrum.

Los Cabos

This is an area of astounding beauty accentuated by its jagged, fascinating rock formations. Its proximity to California makes it a hotspot for celebrities looking to get away from the Hollywood hassle but those rolling waves and golden-sand peaks are all Mexico. Swimming in the crystal waters is ideal but there are plenty of water-sports available as well as a spot of golf within the resorts.

Mexico has so much to offer with its glorious coastline and tourists need not be held back on what to do here. Explore the coastline and visit the ruins, getting the most out of the trip, drinking in every little bit of the country and its unique culture.


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