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Making Room for Romance: Interior Design Tips for Valentine’s Day

Today – Interior Design Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking to impress your other half with a room filled with romance and love but your interior design inspiration is lacking then thankfully we’re here to help.


Interior Design Tips for Valentine’s Day


Interior Design Tips for Valentine’s Day

Take a look at the best ways to bring love to your lodgings here.

Display Your Love with the Right Lighting


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Setting up the scene for a romantic evening is crucial to the success of your DIY Valentine’s Day, and what easier way is there to do just that than adding some warm lighting to your bedroom? You don’t need to go out and buy a fancy chandelier in order to create the perfect ambience. Instead of blowing the budget on an expensive illumination, why not improvise with some innovation?

Fairy lights are subtle yet romantically effective and as you can see from the image above, even the slightest of touches can completely invigorate the room. If you don’t fancy fitting fairy lights, then why not consider decorating your room with a handful of candles? You’ll effortlessly create a cosy space that reflects the love between you both.They’re inexpensive, and with many of them scented they can not only set the desired lighting but also appeal to your other senses too.Just remember to blow them out when you’re done.


Bring in Some Beautiful Bedding


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Revamping your room for romance needn’t cause a psychological break.

Bringing in some beautiful bed sheets is a straightforward way to enhance what you already have. If your monthly allowance doesn’t enable you to splash out on satin or silk sheets, then fear not, sateen is an amazing alternative to its more expensive counterparts.The material is made from 100% cotton, but still keeps that silky aesthetic that is the key ingredient to an enchanting evening.Make sure to choose deep and romantic colours, our personal favourites are the maroon shades, emerald greens or silky greys.


Find Some Fanciful (Faux) Fur


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If you’re not a fan of the silky sheets, or even fancy adding another little something to your bedding for such a special occasion, then a faux fur throw is a fantastic way to go.Watching a romantic film in bed is such a personal and perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day and with a thick faux fur throw, your bed will transform from the generic frame that you’re used to into a luxury haven of romance.

The rich materials are thick, cosy and romantic with dark colours mixing beautifully with the dimmed lighting and colourful expectations.


Curate with a Canopy


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If you’re looking to add some va va voom and turn your run of the mill frame into a luxury bed then adding a canopy can turn your creative vision into a reality.

It’s the perfect way to show your partner that you’re willing to go that extra mile, alongside turning your bed into a private space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.With so many neutral colours available, it doesn’t have to be specific to Valentine’s Day and it can really turn your bedroom into the boudoir of your dreams.


Make it Personal


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For all the fanciful décor, nothing quite says “I love you” like adding a personal touch to your room.Taking the time to fill some frames with some favoured moments of your time together is a great way to amp up the romance level without breaking the bank.




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