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Making the Most of Space in Your Master Bedroom

Today – Making the Most of Space in Your Master Bedroom

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve probably spent at least a few hours admiring master bedrooms on Pinterest… only to find that yours is falling a long way short. Without bucket loads of space to play with, our bedrooms end up becoming cramped little areas that we don’t want to spend much time in. But, there are a few storage hacks you can use to free up some space and get your bedroom looking more like the one of your dreams.


Making the Most of Space in Your Master Bedroom

So, here are a handful of things you’ll need to make the most of the space in your master bedroom, as well as a recommended retailer to consider checking out.

pinterest small master bedroom ideas


Divan Bed Bases – Divan Beds Centre

When it comes to culprits for gobbling up available space in your master bedroom, your bed is the guiltiest of them all. If you have a double bed (the most common and widely available bed type in the UK), you’re using 137 x 190cm of available floor space, which might be leaving little room for much else. So, make the most of this space by investing in a divan bed base. These come with storage underneath – usually in the form of drawers. Common storage uses include spare sets of bedding, clothing that’s not being worn in the foreseeable future, clean towels and other bulky household goods such as spare duvets or pillows.


Wall hooks – Skandivis

Wall hooks are a great investment  as you’ll find you always have somewhere to hang a coat, a damp towel or a dressing gown up. Fix them the back of your bedroom door (and en-suite bathroom door, if you have one) for added storage space, and consider hanging them anywhere else you notice some spare vertical space; if your blank wall is doing nothing, it could be worth adding a hook or two, or at least a shelf. If you’re renting you’ll just have to check with you landlord.


Wardrobe Interiors – Screwfix

If your master bedroom is large enough to host a wardrobe as well as your bed, count yourself lucky. But, you still need to make that storage space work for you, right? Well, the best way to do that is to invest in wardrobe interiors – these pieces of apparatus divide your wardrobe into areas, adding more shelving, cubicles and rail space than you could hope for if you were simply adding items of clothing to a hanging rail. If you want to make even more of your space, try a simple DIY like this one.


Limited Colour Palette – Little Greene Paint Company

Finally, it’s often said that painting a room white will make it look larger than it actually is. But, it’s futile to paint your small master bedroom white if you’re expecting it to look like a ballroom afterwards! So, choose a paint colour you love instead, but just keep the tones you’re using fairly limited. For instance, if you love bright reds, stick to bright reds with whites and oranges as it will look less ‘busy’ or crammed in than it will if you throw green or blue into the mix as well.

Those are just a handful of tips for maximising the space available in your master bedroom. Do you have any recommendations to make, or have you seen any clever tricks online you want to try?



Pinterest small master bedroom ideas

On Pinterest small master bedroom ideas abound. Do pop over and have a look just search on Pinterest for small master bedroom ideas and you will find so many!


Making the Most of Space in Your Master Bedroom is a feature post – you mihgt also like my post on bold bedroom decor



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