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Making Your Home Cocktail Party Ready

Making Your Home Cocktail Party Ready

Making Your Home Cocktail Party Ready


Making Your Home Cocktail Party Ready

So how do you go about making your home cocktail party ready?

When you’re an adult, it’s an undisputed truth you like a drink from time to time. Whether you’re partial to a glass of wine, or you like a G&T every now and then, or you gave up on mid week tipples years ago, you can still dress your home up like you’re expecting the biggest celebrities on the planet. So if you’re planning a party in the near future, think on this theme to have a truly spectacular night.


Tips for Making Your Home Cocktail Party Ready

Here’s some tips to put yourself on the A List for a few of the midnight hours


Pair Foods and Drinks

Cocktails need some good finger foods to go along with them, and those can be whipped up in the day or few hours before your party is due to start. With a lot of recipes, you won’t even need to use cocktail sticks or knives and forks, saving you some pennies at the end of the day.

You’re not expected to be a master mixologist, and know all the best foods that go with what, but look into some general themes before you get started. I bet you will just love my pineapple screwdriver recipe for example and ooh you could pair it with a bowl of cherries


red cocktail

Get Some Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is what really sets the atmosphere in any party you go to, as implied by the name. But it is something that people tend to discount in their preparations! You don’t want to over or under light your party, and people always need to be able to see where they’re going (especially when you’re outside).

When you’re hosting a cocktail party, there’s a good chance you’re making all the drinks in the kitchen. So after you’ve set up the makeshift bar (either on one of the counters or with you standing behind the island in the middle), get some under cupboard led lighting and then switch over the overhead ones. You don’t want artificial lighting glaring over your drinks, and everybody enjoys a cozy mood when they’re tipping back some delicious glasses.


Play the Music You Want to Hear

It’s another simple step that’s often forgotten when people are planning out their cocktail parties. Just because it’s a cocktail party doesn’t mean you have to set the mood with music from the 50s and the 50s alone. You don’t have to play the most up to date tunes, hire out a DJ, or even stick to the oldie hits radio station either; connect a phone up to a speaker and play your favourite playlist, and let people take turns!

Of course you can make a party playlist, and even get your kids to help out here, that can make everyone want to bust their best moves or simply mingle amongst. Some slow songs are great for dancing or swaying to with a drink in your hand, but be prepared for spilt drinks anyway! Just make sure the coffee table is out of the way if you’re hosting this dancefloor indoors.

Your home can be cocktail party ready in a couple of hours or so, so have some fun!

 Oh and why not consider a Showtime Photo Booth to added a little extra fun to your party and allow guests to leave with a great memento of the evening.



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