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Making Your Home The Epitome Of Efficiency

Being efficient is the goal of most tasks in the twenty-first century. We want to be able to do things quicker, with less fuss, in a simpler way or we want to save money, water or energy. Our homes can achieve all of this if we pay a little more attention to our renovation projects, our bills and our eco-credentials. Striving for an efficient home needn’t cost the Earth. An efficient home should actually save you money in the long run and enable your life to be just that little less stressful. Take a look at how you can make your humble abode the epitome of efficiency.



How many times have you walked past the thermostat, only to be left seething because someone in your household has whacked it up to 28 degrees? You need to set a house rule never to allow it to go above 21 degrees and even this can be on the warm side for some people. Maintaining a constant heat within the home means that your energy usage also remains consistent and efficient. Venturing up into the high twenties means you are paying out a lot more cash for the pleasure of being swelteringly hot within your own four walls.


When in A Rush

There are plenty of hacks out there to help save you time around the home. Peg your socks together when you put them in the washing machine, so you don’t have to spend fifteen minutes hunting for the matching pairs. Use a spice rack on the back of your bathroom door to re-organise your shampoos, lotions and potions. It also pays to think about installing one of the many different varieties of electric hand dryers by handydryers.co.uk in your bathroom. It’ll make it quicker to dry your hands, more hygienic for the whole family and the kit itself can add a touch of luxury to your room while being efficient at the same time.



We all know about energy saving light bulbs yet the chances are that there are still one or two in your home that are of the old-fashioned energy sapping type. Throw them out and swap them for the more eco-friendly and money saving type like the ones seen at energysavingtrust.org.uk. The energy saving variety used to be expensive to purchase but now cost a similar amount to the incandescent ones. Opt for the LED or halogen type to extend the life of the bulb even further and save yourself even more money.


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