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Making your New House a Home

Making your New House a Home is so very important.

However excited we might be to move to a new place, it’s not easy to love a house that’s covered with boxes, bare walls and general unfamiliarity. Turning it into the home you love won’t happen overnight, but you can certainly shake that ‘new-house feeling’ by focusing on certain things that’ll make you feel as if you belong there.


Making your new house a home

Make it comfy

Even if it’s only one room to start with, get it as cosy as you possibly can with lamps, cushions, candles and throws, as well as family photos. You’ll find you can settle very quickly because, even though the other rooms might still need a lot of work, you’ll always have this sanctuary to escape to. Putting up your old bed, complete with familiar pillows, sheets and duvet, will also provide instant comfort and belonging.


Combine old with new

Putting up your favourite pictures is one way to make your new home recogniseable, as is putting on your favourite tunes. But it’s also exciting to add new works of art to your walls, new sculptures, new scented candles, new Venetian blinds. This way you’re creating something unique, something that’s yours, and not just replicating what you had before.


Making your new house a home

Get warm

A cold house will not be a happy house. Getting nice and toasty should be one of the first things you focus on – whether it’s by making sure you have effective double glazed windows, blocking any cracks or gaps in the doors, or installing a new central heating system that ensures your new home is snug day and night.



You can plan colour schemes before you move in to really hit the ground running. Painting each room, or adding wallpaper, is like putting your stamp on your new home, and will help you get to know your space inside and out. Ensure the things you buy, such as kitchen appliances, match the colour schemes you’re going for.

Greenery – whether real or not – never fails. Decorating the home with plants and flowers will bring a fresh look and feel.


Get to know the area when making your new house a home

You won’t love your home until you learn to love your community. So put the paint brush down and take a walk around. Bake something for your new neighbours, get chatting at the local pub, have a picnic at your nearest park, join the local tennis club. Taking the time to make friends and get a feel for the area will help you to settle in.


Home is your safe space, your haven. It makes sense to create a space you’re proud of and comfortable in. And you’ll find when it comes to falling in love with your new pad, a little effort will go a long way.


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