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We all try to make our own house feel like an inviting home, one of relaxation and comfort, joy and happiness, and certainly one that you have created with love. But more importantly, we want our home to show our personality, and for each room in our home to display character and a sense of belonging, to know that you personally, are embedded into your walls and furnishings. And therefore for your friends and family to walk into your house and know that you live there, just by seeing the décor of each room, and that it just shouts you! I have a bold character and found the perfect material to suit me, and that is marble design.

Marble design decor features are just so elegant.



Marble design dining table

A marble dining table offers a bold statement to any home (which suits our family down to the ground!). But adding a marble design into our dining room was no easy decision, which colour to go for was tricky as there’s so many to choose from. If we went for white, cream or ivory walls then a black table would undoubtedly be a focal point, it’s accentuating black lines would certainly stand out proud against crisp white walls. But a darker shade of colour for our dining room walls would emphasise a white table and truly make it gleam and sparkle when the sun was out.

Our dining room has a massive window overlooking the garden and lets a lot of light in, so the light would bounce off the stunning and natural marble material and really make the room glow, especially when the sun was setting. We have bold colours, mixed with patterns and different shades in every room in the house so a monochrome dining room was such a courageous statement in itself. We opted for a medium grey on the walls in the end with a white dining table and white chairs, and the room looks amazing!


Contemporary and Classic marble design

With its clean lines and modern feel, the light bounces off the table and chairs and we now have every meal in the dining room instead of on our laps in front of the TV, and I’m happy to say that it’s made us closer as a family. What attracted me to them in the first place was their striking, luxurious shine that is absolutely spectacular and I found that if you search round you can find them at very attractive prices too.

It looks so contemporary but is such a classic look too

They might be slightly more expensive than wooden tables but they’re worth the money as it’s extremely tough!

 Marble design table

Marble design look amazing

As a family, we’re also environmentally conscious and marble is free from any chemical processes making them eco-friendly too. We’ve truly found a magnificent centrepiece for our dining room, it takes a lot for me to say but they’re simply breath-taking, unique and dazzling with their beautiful patterns in its surface.

Even though we’re one single family unit, separately we all have our own unique personalities too and our dining table is definitely of a unique design! With its solid piece of structure and material making it perfect for a dining table and matching us as a family at the same time, we absolutely love it! We’ve since added a marble coffee table to our living room too!

Love a marble design! Do you?


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