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How to Maximise Light in The Home

Today – How to Maximise Light in The Home

It’s always a good idea to bring as much light as possible into your home. Light not only makes a space appear larger, but it can also have a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. Darkened rooms and shadowy hallways can feed negative feelings such as anxiety and depression. On the other hand, light can make a person feel more positive and it also provides us with plenty of vitamin D.



How to Maximise Light in The Home


How to Maximise Light in The Home

Of course, bringing extra light into your home is easier said than done. Some rooms in the house may not have many windows or perhaps are overcrowded by trees outside or another building is blocking the light, etc. But don’t worry, we have the solution! Below are some of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to increase light in your home:


Install Skylights

If your home has very few windows, it may feel as though you are living in a dark cave. To solve this problem and add an extra touch of style into your home, install velux windows to brighten your interior space. They are extremely easy to install and are ideal for homes that have a lot of darkened rooms or an unused loft space.


How to Maximise Light in The Home


Reflective Surfaces

You’ve probably heard of this trick time and time again and that’s because it really works. Reflective surfaces bounce light and can make a room appear brighter and larger at the same time. Try hanging large mirrors opposite the window to really take full advantage of the light available. You may also want to take it a step further and decorate the darkest rooms with reflective furniture such as side tables with glass surfaces.


How to Maximise Light in The Home with Glass Doors

Instead of choosing a traditional front door to your home, why not use the opportunity to add even more natural light into your house? Dark hallways are a common sight here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Using glass and transparent doors in your home sends the light flooding into the home and you can even bring this trend throughout your house if you like.


Maximise Light in The Home


How to Maximise Light in The Home – Add More Artificial Lighting

If you find yourself at a dead end as far as natural lighting goes, why not bite the bullet and invest in artificial lighting for your home? Adding a few lamps about the house and strategically placing them in a position that will have the most impact can do wonders for your home.


How to Maximise Light in The Home

Knock down Walls

If you have the time and finances set aside, you may wish to knock down a wall in order to open up more space and send additional light throughout your home. For example, if your kitchen and living area is separated by a wall, knocking it down will leave you with a large open space flooding with natural light from both rooms. Removing unnecessary walls can make a huge difference to a home and it also allows you to get creative with regards to interior design and planning.


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    June 25, 2017 / 4:53 pm

    Absolutely stunning wall mirror. Would grace any room .

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