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May hair extension weaken natural hair? Learn how to prevent it!

Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular way to enhance hair volume, thickness and length. However, quite often the question of possible negative effects often arises. A common belief is that hair extension may weaken the hair, leaving it fragile, brittle, even lifeless. In this article, the problem of hair extensions causing damage will be delved into. Additional advice will present how to avoid deterioration of the hair condition and keeping it healthy and beautiful.



Does hair extensions weaken hair?

A common reason for rejecting hair extensions is the belief that they may weaken or worsen the condition of hair. It is not necessarily true; maintaining proper hygiene and taking precautions should allow hair to remain in good condition. While hair extensions themselves may not inherently weaken hair, improper installation, maintenance, or removal can cause damage. There are different types of application of hair extensions. Some of them may cause more pulling and discomfort.


Micro ring hair extensions

One of the most dangerous types of hair extensions is the micro ring. Although it can last a great length of time, if it is not applied properly, it can create a lot of tension on the scalp and weaken the roots of hair. It may even result in experiencing headaches. Fortunately, nano rings make use of smaller rings, which reduce the chance of causing damage.


Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions could also be harmful in untrained hands. The extended strands are being taped to the natural hair. If the hair is too thin, it may create an uncomfortable feeling and pulling. It is recommended that this type of hair extensions shouldn’t be worn for long periods of time to prevent causing damage to hair.


How to prevent hair weakening?

To ensure the longevity of hair, some precautions that should be taken. Avoiding potential damaging factors is crucial. The hair must be cared for and treated gently. Follow the presented guidelines to enjoy durable, long-lasting results with hair extensions. May your hair remain healthy and beautiful.


Taking care of hair properly

It is difficult to preserve hair in good shape if it is already damaged. Before deciding for hair extension, it is important to establish an effective hair care routine. Good hygiene and frequent washing hair will reduce the risk of build up on the scalp. Using sulfate-free shampoos may reduce risk of damaging hair. Usage of hair conditioners and masks is likewise advisable, as it protects the hair and retain the moisture. Avoiding hair dryness of hair maintaining nutriments will keep hair in good condition.


Avoiding heat

Hair extensions offer exciting, new options for hairstyling. While it’s tempting to overdo it, it’s important that heat styling tools can cause great damage to hair when used without cautiousness.  Excessive usage of heat strips moisture from hair strands, leaving cuticles open and prone to damage. Using heat protectant spray is crucial for preventing any harm to hair extensions.


Avoiding excessive tension

When wearing hair extensions, is it important to avoid wearing tight hairstyles that may pull hair and cause it to become fragile and prone to breaking. Reducing that kind of hairstyles will greatly improve chances at maintaining healthy hair.
It is also advised greatly to not sleep with wet hair. Another thing to consider is gently brushing the strands with a wide-toothed comb or a special brush that would not damage either hair or extension bonds.


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