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Should I buy Mens Christmas Socks?

Have you ever sat and wondered as you are busily writing your Christmas list whether or not you should buy mens Christmas socks?

I have one pal Rachel who buys absolutely everybody socks for Christmas it h is her thing. I have to say i often buy my daughter socks special fluffy slipper socks which she just adores. I have also been known to buy my son sports socks too or special football socks for the team he supports. 

It is only in recent years though that I have started to buy mens Christmas socks and now that I have started I have to say I think they are a genius idea for a gift.  


Mens Christmas Socks

Mens Christmas Socks

What is your opinion on buying men socks for Christmas  – do you think of it as a bit of a boring gift idea – one that lacks imagination and is far too safe maybe?

Well listen up folks because I love a Christmas sock gift and I think it is a winner. 

Men’s Christmas Socks might sound like a bit of a throwaway gift without a huge amount of thought behind them but actually I beg to differ. We all need socks don’t we?  And I don’t know about your house but in my home the one thing absolutely guaranteed to disappear without any explanation is socks.


Missing Sock Mystery

We always seem to be short of socks in our house- so from just a practical point of view a pair of socks makes a  great gift and Christmas socks? well they are just great fun aren’t they like a Christmas jumper but a whole lot cheaper and less ‘in your face’ but still a subtle not to the festive season.

My husband would be much more likely to wear Christmas socks than a Christmas jumper too so from a festive fashion point of view is a a better investment. I have uncles and father in law figures and tennis coaches and male friends who I like to buy small and fun gifts for and I find mens Christmas socks are just perfect for the job. And oh my goodness they truly are  a fab gift for a male teacher! 



Do socks make a good gift for everyone?

Everyone wears socks and everyone needs socks so there is no getting away from it – socks truly are a bit of an ideal gift for any fella. Well to be honest for any member of the family – we all need  socks and Christmas socks are the funnest socks ever!

The fact is Christmas can be so expensive and yet it doesn’t have to be. People like to know you have thought about them for sure but  your gift does not have to be a big one. Fun and practical are always the winning combination when it comes to a gift idea I believe.

 All the fab socks shown in this post are available from SOCKSHOP 

Mens Christmas Socks

Drop me a comment and let me know if you ever buy Christmas socks as gifts.




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