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6 men’s fashion trends for Summer 2019

men’s fashion trends for Summer
Men's fashion trends for Summer, a look at what is on trend in Spring and Summer of 2019 in male clothing




Men’s fashion trends for Summer 2019

So, I have been browsing  men’s fashion trends for Summer 2019

I know its probably quite an unusual thing to admit to but I love to follow men’s fashion trends and am always trying to encourage my OH and my son to embrace them!  Let’s have a little look at what is hot in men’s fashion in 2019.


Men's fashion trends for Summer 2019I love the semi-French collar on this shirt by Camicissima




Tailoring is back in a big way this year in men’s fashion and oh this pleases me tremendously. I do so love to see a good, well-cut suit!  I also love to see great tailoring in shorts. Have you ever come across Will from Bright Bazaar blog – he is the master of tailored shorts. Gorgeous. Apparently, suits worn with bare chests is a thing this year too but erm…think we will skip that trend ( looks a bit ridiculous unless you are a male model)



All though he doesn’t wear a tie my OH wears shirts and trouses most days to work. As these fashionable shirts from Camicissima show blue is big this year and stripes are ever on trend. Brown is also going to be a thing apparently as are technicolour suits! Lightening up with pinks and pastel shades for Spring summer too.


Hiking sandals and handbags

Well, these are both uber practical additions to a make wardrobe and I can totally see the hiking sandals taking off – after all so much more practical than flip flops. But when it comes to a handbag? I think my OH might take a bit of persuading on wearing/carrying the tassled men’s handbags that are being sashayed down the runway at the moment


Relaxed leg trousers

Personally, I am a huge fan of skinny jeans – just not on men really- I am not totally sure why but I just think they look ‘odd’ on men. I always think they look a bit constrictive too! Ha! Love a relaxed look and this is the new thing on jeans and is set to become a fashion must-have in 2019.



Tactile fabrics

Tactile fabrics have been big all winter, faux fur and fleece, shearling and wool. This fashion fabulousness will continue into the summer with silky satiny Tencel tees. I love something tactile on a man!


So there you go a little whistlestop tour of 6 men’s fashion trends for Summer 2019


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