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Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Men’s Summer Fashion Trends are having a great season.


Men's summer fashion trends


Men’s summer fashion trends – are they worth a look?

According to Wikipedia ‘Style is an expression that lasts over many seasons and is often connected to cultural movements and social markers, symbols, class, and culture.’

Fashion differs from style. fashion trends are much more fluid.

‘Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression at a particular time and in a specific context’

Fashion may not always last but we have to admit it is certainly a great deal of fun. I don’t advocate following fashion trends unthinkingly because it may just simply not work for you. But, I do like to see what current trends are and pick up on my favourite.

Are you ready to see what is going on in men’s summer fashion trends in 2020?

It is an interesting season for sure, and one that has me rather puzzled in a few areas.


Men’s summer fashion trends in 2020

Men’s summer fashion trends this year are full of pattern and colour and designed to bring smiles.

They are a little bit quirky and most certainly eyecatching and they are a bit marmite perhaps? Let’s take a look at what is hot this year and then you can make your own mind up


Polo shirts – a men’s summer fashion trends staple

Have polo shirts ever NOT been included in men’s summer fashion trends – it is just a given really isn’t it!  They are so easy to wear but a little smarter than a t-shirt due to the collar and texture.  I am loving the collection over at Gant full of colour and including some vibrant prints.

This one is undoubtedly my favourite – the lemon print polo is quirky and fun and just brings the sunshine. It would look great with navy shorts or taupe chinos.

Isn’t it unusual?

 I reckon it would look just as good worn around Barnet as it would work in Barbados. We have been watching lots of Death in Paradise recently ad this shirt would slot in beautifully. It’s not loud and in your face but it is most definitely eye-catching.

It really could look good with a navy suit or denim shorts it has that wear-anywhere appeal to it I think.


men's summer fashion trends, fashion 2020


Fashion trends

It’s not just polos either, printed shirts are going to be big this year too in men’s summer fashion trends. I do like a good print I think it brings so much more to an outfit and can be very eye-catching too

Men’s clothes can be a little bit plain sometimes I feel and a bit too conservative – it is time they had a bit of livening up. As long as they don’t clash with what I am wearing that is that would not be a good look at all!


Longer shorts – Men’s summer fashion trends

What do you think?

The jury is often out when it comes to men an to their shorts isn’t it?

Love them or loathe them longer shorts are back in a big way this summer. Oh well, I suppose they do hide nobbly knees! I am undecided about this as I think it can look really sloppy. What do you think? My preference is the fitted look below rather than the baggy, saggy look favoured by boy scouts!


Men's summer fashion trends


Boxer shorts worn as shorts – Fashion trends that are unusual!

On the complete opposite end of the shorts scale, boxer shorts worn as shorts are also trendy this summer with all sorts of patterns or colour combination.

Yes, really I am not making this sup even if it does sound a little bit far fetched

Hmm. Not at all sure about this men’s summer fashion trends addition. It s a little  it risque.

Could be a little bit odd and more than a little bit confusing. I mean do you wear underpants underneath your boxer shorts or not? A conundrum indeed. can you see yourself embracing this trend fellas?



Men’s summer fashion trends – Bracelets

A lovely summer trends for men’s fashion this year that reminds me of my teenager years back in the ’80s and recalls for me movies like the Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. Ah, those were the day and those were great movies!

Bracelets are a men’s summer fashion trend that makes me smile. I adore the surfer look and bracelets always bring that. Men’s bracelets and several at a time are set to be a big part of men’s fashion this summer from leather straps to cool coloured beads and several at a time too. In fact, in my opinion, even silver bracelets can look good.

A casual and relaxed look that can make a big impact to a simple outfit. An array of bracelets look great on men of any age in my opinion.

Do you agree?

I like to see them with a suit too – it hints of the rebel beneath and let’s be honest the rebel look is always more than a little bit appealing. And you know it does smack a little bit of James Dean doesn’t it – the bracelet wearing look? Or perhaps a little btMicheal Hutchence from INXS?

This trend gets a big green tick form me.


fashion trends


Pastel coloured trainers

So this is a new one to appear in men’s summer fashion trends this year.

Pastel coloured trainers. Just the cutest thing ever in me’s fashion

From peach to mint, lemon, beige and baby blue, pastel-coloured trainers are the go-to trainer in men’s summer fashion.. I think they are rather lovely but I do worry that they would get rather dirty! My nephew has a pair and he likes to play footie and erm…. it isn’t looking like it will end well for the pastel trainers. Maybe these should be reserved for indoor wear only – might be a whole lot safer


Men's summer fashion trends,


And there are more men’s summer fashion trends

So what else is on the horizon? Well,  apparently men can look forward to fashion that includes no belts, white chinos, pleats in trousers, sheer shirts, bowling shirts, nineties style cargo trousers and heavy-soled leather sandals are also key men’s summer fashion trends. So think there will be rather a lot of falling down trousers don’t you?

I do like the sound of sheer shirts though but I would be a bit surprised if I saw one.

In terms of jeans pale blue and ripped are considered to e the hot trend and I have to say I do like the sound of that. It’s a good look.

Tans are also supposed to be really in this year but hmmm…thats one to be careful off as sun safety is really important.  It could be faked of course but who wants fake tan everywhere. A healthy glow is good enough in my book.

I hear on the grapevine loafers are going to be a big thing in men’s summer fashion trends this year too and bizarrely apparently waterproof loafers are key?

So, I think the look is, on the whole, going to be rather dandy and ready for sailing. Not sure how many men are going to pull that off.


Sticking with the classics

But everyone suits a polo don’t they? I think the classics always win the day, and if you invest in quality classics they will last you a good while. As we become more eco-aware longevity in clothes is important and fast fashion is rightly losing it’s grip. We want manufacturers to be well paid and well treated and we want to avoid landfill.

Sustainability matters.



Which are your favourite of these men’s summer fashion trends? For me, the pastel trainers win the day and the classic polo with the print twist


men's summer fashion trends, pin men’s summer fashion trends for later


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