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Micheal Kors Amalfi Sunglasses Review

Micheal Kors Amalfi Sunglasses review

Micheal Kors Amalfi Sunglasses, Becky Goddard-hill

Me and my Michael Kors Amalfi Sunglasses review


The sunglasses dilemma

 I have a bit of a love /hate relationship with sunglasses.

 I love, love how they look so cool and how they protect my eyes from the sun.

I love how they come in a range of styles and colours and can totally fashion up and outfit

 I also love that if you are tired/ a little hungover/ or just do not feel all bright-eyed they do an excellent job of covering it up.

Sunglasses I am suire you will agree are the best fashion accessory – but oh finding that elusive perfect pair has been a long, long journey for me. Somehow I have ended up with a fair few pairs that just aren’t quite right for one reason or another.

Well the lovely folk at SmartBuyGlasses asked me if I would like to choose a pair from their site to review. Well honestly I was just blown away with the choice – this is one seriously jam-packed website with the most gorgeous array of glasses. I wanted to choose them all!

SmartBuyGlasses sell regular eyeglasses in a huge range of styles, contact lenses and sunglasses.



Let me tell you some of the fabulous things about SmartBuyGlasses is one fantastic glasses store!

  • They have a virtual tool that lets you see what a pair of glasses will look like before you buy them!
  • They have free shipping
  • Free returns and exchanges within 100 days
  • 2 years warranty on all sunglasses
  • If you find a better deal online within 14 days they will beat it by £2
  • They sell over 80,000 products from over 180 brands

That is all pretty impressive stuff, isn’t it!


Michael Kors Amalfi Sunglasses Review

After browsing SmartBuyGlasses for quite some time I finally made my choice and I am delighted with it! The Micheal Kors Amalfi sunglasses (£133) that I chose come in black and grey or in pink. I ( rather predictably) went for the pink. My first pair of pink sunnies! They have red lenses and are made form plastic and are the most fabuloscats eye shape. I absolutely love them and I think I may, at last, have found my perfect pair.

As all of SmartBuyGlasses lenses these Micheal Kors Amalfi Sunglasses  come with:

  • FREE Anti-scratch Coating
  • FREE Anti-reflective Coating
  • FREE UV Protection Coating
I think they are super stylish and they are a great size too.
Micheal Kors Amalfi Sunglasses
What kind of sunglasses would you choose and have you found the perfect pair yet?
Let me know what you think of my Micheal Kors Amalfi Sunglasses.
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  1. Shades HQ
    December 19, 2019 / 5:01 am

    they look beautiful on you!

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