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Kids Micro Sprite Scooter Review

Micro Sprite Scooter review – find out what we thought.


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Micro Sprite Scooter Review

About 7 years ago my daughter received her first-ever scooter.

It was a Mini Micro Scooter and it was a big hit. How excited we were do an updated  Micro Sprite Scooter Review

As you can see below her assessment of her mini scooter was that it was ‘nice and pretty! ‘So cute.

The Guardian says it a bit more eloquently!

Children can scoot on them incredibly easily; you lean on them to steer them, which makes kids feel like little surfers”


Mini Micro in action

We were totally impressed with the quality and stability of the Micro Scooter and it is has been the only brand of scooter we have ever had in our house. Honestly, I would recommend them to absolutely everybody.

Having just turned 10 she was totally ready for a 2 wheeler and I was so delighted to undertake a Micro Sprite Scooter review- it really did look like the perfect first 2 wheel scooter for my daughter




Key features of a micro sprite scooter review

Not only is it rather beautiful it has some great features: I have listed some of the most important here:

  • It is lightweight,
  • Easy to steer
  • Easy to fold
  • It has a kickstand and
  • It can be repaired too!  (Unlike other 2 wheeled scooters brands Micro Sprite scooters have been designed so they can be repaired if necessary.  Micro stock replacement parts for each and every Micro Sprite scooter they sell which means a scooter can be repaired or revamped easily rather than thrown away – making them a long-lasting investment and great value for money)
  • The Micro Sprite also has an adjustable handlebar height (starting out at 65cm and going to 95cm high). This means the scooter will grow with your child.


Micro Sprite Scooter Review –  Colours

It comes in several cool colours but my daughters favourite colour is purple! You can also get silver, red, pink, aqua, black and blue.

Are you ready to see how Lise got in our micro sprite scooter review?


Micro Sprite Scooter Review Vlog

As part of our Micro Scooter Review, we decided to make another video so you could see it in action on its first proper trip out

Oh my, goodness hasn’t she grown up!

Like a duck to water..she had no problems at all transitioning to this 2 wheel scooter which relieved me no end, We both loved the doing this Micro Sprite Scooter review! It really was so much fun

It is suitable for ages 5-12 and not only does it look good but you can see how very stable it is. Just awesome.


How to fold a Micro Sprite Scooter

Have you wondered how to fold a micro sprite scooter?

If you are wondering whether your micro Sprite scooter folds up then I am happy to tell you yes it does!  And it does so both easily and quickly. This makes it ideal for storing or transporting the scooter when you are travelling by car to a walk or maybe even going on holiday  – it fits nicely in the boot or under a bed or in a shed.

The Sprite also has a kickstand which means the scooter can stand upright by itself – no need to lean it against doors or walls This stops it getting battered and bashed and helps it keep clean too – not that kids generally care about that!


How do you steer a Micro Sprite Scooter – Micro Sprite Scooter Review

A child needs to steer the Micro Sprite scooter just like they would a bike simply by turning the handlebars in the direction they want to go. My daughter found this really easy concept to grasp and was managing it in no time at all.


The full range of Sprite micro scooter

You can click here to see the whole range of Micro Sprite Scooters

I just love how Micro Scooter they have grown up with my children. How excited we all were for this micro sprite scooter review!


Micro Sprite Scooter Review – let’s look at the accessories


Scooter lock

One thing I would definitely recommend in theis micro sprite scooter review if thyou are thinking of buying for this lovely scooter is a scooter lock as they are very desirable!  These work just like a bike lock and means you can leave it at the edge of a park / outside a shop without you having to worry.


Scooter helmet

Stable as these scooters are it is ALWAYS smart to get your kids to wear a helmet to protect their precious heads


Scooter bells and lights

Being able to alert other people to the fact you are en route protects them and you! And lights are such a good idea for our early winter evenings to make sure kids are seen.

You can buy all these accessories over on he Micro Scooter website





micro sprite scooter review


Which scooter is right for you?

Scooter guides

Micro scooters sell a range of scooters and they understand it can be really confusing for parents to know which is the right one to choose. In response to this, they have developed a range of scooter guides. These guides compare weight and height limits, scooter features, price and more on up to 3 scooters at once. Now that is uber handy!


Micro scooter FAQ

They have also developed a section on frequently asked questions. Now that is handy right. This section of FAQ@s on the Micro Sprite saves you hours scrolling youtube trying to find a decent video to tell you what you need to know. They answer questions like:

Should I buy a mini or maxi?

Do we need a balance bike or a scooter?

2 or 3 wheels which should we choose?

What kind of stunt scooter do we want?

Very useful stuff.


Product guides

Last but not least they have produced as a series of product guides –  everything you could ever want to know about a specific micro scooter or bike. You will be able to do a thorough Micro Sprite Scooter review even before you receive it!


Blogger reviews – Micro Sprite Scooter Review

Oh, and they link to a few blogger reviews too because the hands-on experience is always the best to learn from!


So please don’t worry if you are unsure which scooter to buy there are so many resources to help you at the Micro Scooter Scooter Guide


Perks of scootering – Micro Sprite Scooter Review

There are so many perks of scootering form it’s fun and fitness value to its sociability. Here are just a few more:

  1. You can do it with friends
  2. Great exercise
  3. Tons of fresh air
  4. Easy to store the scooter
  5. Fit easily into cars
  6. Are inexpensive in comparison to the amount of pleasure they bring
  7. A fun and eco mode of transport
  8. An awesome way to wear off some energy on the run to school
  9. Unlike a bike if you scoot to someones house they never mind ta
  11. king your scooter in for storage!
  12. It looks super cool to ride one of these awesome scooters!

micro sprite scooter review


The conclusions of our Micro Sprite Scooter Review

Our conclusion is that it’s absolutely fantastic!

I do hope you enjoyed our micro sprite scooter review and have found it useful. Do let me know if your kids ride a scooter and if so what kind and what you have thought of it – I do love to hear your comments


You can click through here to see our Maxi Micro Scooter Review





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