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10 Mindful Parenting Strategies That Really Help

Today I have some Mindful parenting strategies that you can try

If we are totally honest with ourselves, as parents we can find that there is little time to remain mindful when day-to-day life can be so chaotic. Parenting can often feel like we are not all in the same boat, after all, we all have different kids, different challenges that we face, but in truth, while we may not all be sat in one boat, we are all navigating the sea of parenting.

All heading to the same destination. That is because in theory, albeit different, our lives can follow similar routines. Get up, get the kids ready for school head to work, rush around, fulfill your children’s commitments, make food, crash out when the kids are in bed. Sound familiar?

You need Mindful Parenting Strategies .


Mindful Parenting


Mindful Parenting Strategies and your relationship

Being mindful can often help you to gain a little bit of control back, and can work wonders for children and the relationship that you have with them. So here are some of the mindful parenting strategies that you might want to try. 


Have a look at this post on the parent child bond for more tips. 

Mindful Parenting Strategies


Mindful parenting strategies – Be present with your children 

Many sources and studies suggest that family and spending time with the people we love is the source of happiness, but when life gets chaotic how much quality time are you really getting? When are you really present with your children and giving them your undivided attention?

It can be quite rare. So try and set aside a little time to be present with your family. It can be as little as thirty minutes a day where you talk and communicate and listen to what they have to say. It can make a big difference. 


Mindful parenting strategies that you can try – Try “blackout” nights 

What is a blackout night I hear you ask? This is where you shut off all devices and electronics and enjoy each other’s company instead. No TV, no phones, no gaming devices, just tie with each other. You could use it to play a board game, for example. If blackout nights are a little out of reach why not try and have no devices or screens during your evening meal, or for short periods in the day so you can connect with one another instead. 


Meditation can bring calm to any household 

Meditation is a great way to bring some calm to your household, and it is an excellent way to be more mindful. It encourages you to clear your mind and feel more at ease mentally. If you are feeling more at ease, then this can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the family. Encouraging them to try it themselves could also be a game-changer. 


Take a moment and consider your  Mindful Parenting Strategies

It is also a good idea to encourage you and the whole family to take a moment when things can feel overwhelming. We are coached to keep going when things feel tough, but sometimes this isn’t yielding results. Instead, take a moment to gather your thoughts and control your reactions. This is especially important in parenting when perhaps you are faced with a difficult situation with your kids. 


Mindful Parenting


Mindful parenting strategies that you can try – Breathing techniques 

You might also want to look at breathing techniques and find ones that work for you.

These are especially useful tools to have when you are faced with difficult situations. Taking an opportunity to count to ten while you breathe enables you to control your reactions instead of going with your first instinct. Deep breathes and even taking yourself off to a place where you can control your breathing can all help you to feel more grounded.

Teaching breathing techniques to children can be an essential coping mechanism that they can use if they are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. 


Practice gratitude

Gratitude is one of the best mindful techniques that you can utilise. It is one that you can easily teach to younger children and can help them to learn the value in things and their lives. Gratitude is one of the best ways to start to feel positive about your life. It might be that you remind yourself o three things you are grateful for at the end of the date and journaling it. Maybe you mentally say thank you for things throughout the day, for example, that warm cup of tea, the soft comfort of your sofa, even things like technology.

It is a habit that could transform your whole life. Mindful parenting strategies are that powerful.



Listen and communicate

Being mindful often means taking a moment to think, and as a parent, we can often be faced with difficult situations. It is always important to listen and communicate. Talking with your children, communicating with your partner, having that open line of communication is key. But the essential element is to listen when needed to. This is key to strengthening the parent child relationship.


Look at the world through your child’s eyes for Mindful parenting strategies that you can try

We can all be blinded by our daily routines and lives that we can forget to think about how our children see it. So take a moment to look at the world through your child’s eyes. How might they be feeling about a big change that’s coming up, how could they feel about the way things are right now or your routine? Sometimes it is difficult for your child to communicate how they feel. 


Break routine if it isn’t working 

Sometimes routine is good for us, but it can also be a hindrance. So don’t be afraid to break the routine if it is needed. Change things, try new ways to approach parts of your daily life. Routines can be broken and reworked. 

Mindful Parenting Strategies


Mindfulness, Parenting and Self care for the whole family 

Finally, self care is an important part of life, and the more we place value on it the better. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so you need to fill yourself up with the fuel to function, That means a good diet, exercise, hydrating, and taking better care of yourself. Put value in you. By doing so, you will start to notice that other aspects of your life will be positively impacted by it. Self care is also important for your children and your partner. 


It is important though that when you are being zen you don’t fudge the tough stuff so address issues like porn and bullying, world events and personal safety with your kids – they need that too


Let’s hope that these strategies will help you to do more mindful parenting. You might also like my post on how to strengthen a parent child relationship

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