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Minimalism for beginners – a simple guide


Today –  Minimalism for beginners – a simple guide

Minimalism for beginners , Minimalism a simple guide


Minimalism for beginners – a simple guide to get you started

Are you looking for a guide to minimalism for beginners? Living a minimalist life is definitely one of the most life-changing and yet empowering decisions you could make. Living such a life comes with an immense amount of freedom, and it allows you to exhibit more control over things. Sounds ideal right?

Here’s helping you embrace it even better- and free yourself from the constant feeling of ‘want.’ Read on I am sure my minimalism for beginners guide will help you get started.

Minimalism for beginners

Make Finances Simple

Breaking down your monthly expenses into simple sizeable slots is one of the best ways to embrace minimalism- at least financially. Not only will this help you keep track of your expenses and prevent you from splurging and overspending, but it’ll also pave the way for you to live a life that has less stress and worry. You’ll end up feeling more organized and in control – Minimalism for beginners  may sound simple but it has a big impact form the start


Decide What Matters

Be it values, items and personal possessions or even the food you eat- embracing minimalism in every point of your life can really make a huge difference. Before you start to live such a life, think over what minimalism means to you, what your purpose is to embrace such a lifestyle, and how you would go about it. Consider the fact that you’ll have to probably learn to live without a lot of things in life, and how that would make you feel.



This one’s probably the toughest one on the list for most people. We often tend to hoard things and have trouble letting go, and having too much of anything is just the opposite of what you would want in your minimalist life. The next time you’re tempted to purchase something, ask yourself- “do I really need this?”

Once every month, do a quick check around your home and get rid of things and items that you haven’t used in a long time, and you probably won’t need. Stripping yourself off the excess will enable you to live a much simple life.


Invest in High Quality

Another great way to actually keep yourself from spending too much and living a minimalist life is to always invest in products that are high quality- even if it means shelling out a bit more than how much you expected to spend. High-quality products usually last longer, and you’ll also be less likely to replace them frequently, which is great.


Keep Trying

Let’s face it- trying to live a minimalist life in the extravagant world around us today can be super tough, but it is not impossible. All it takes it a lot of patience and some effort. You’ll definitely fall off the metaphorical horse a number of times, but don’t be too hard on yourself- forgive yourself, get back up and keep trying. Living a minimal life is a big change- don’t expect to accomplish it in a matter of weeks.


Minimalism for beginners brings freedom

Remember that embracing the minimal for beginners lifestyle is tough, but it comes with an enormous amount of freedom.

I read a great book called the No Spend Year about minimalism for beginners that really inspired me I would also recommend Stuffocation -I have also written previously about how to make your home more minimalistic if you would like to explore this further in a home context.


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on minimalism for beginners and it helps you get started.


Minimalism for beginners, first steps to minimlaism in all aspects of your home decor and lifestyle - the perfect starter guide for the aspiring minimalist


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