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10 Best Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

Minimalist Bathroom Design ideas

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, and one of your favourite rooms in the house. These 9 minimalist designs can open up any bathroom, and I’m sure you’ll agree they’re worth the (mostly) minimal effort it takes to implement them.


Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom


Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

In addition to a better sense of space in your bathroom, using one or more of these design ideas could make it easier for you to keep the room clean, and to unwind in it (yes, even if you only have a shower). What’s more, most of them suit nearly all budgets. Don’t forget that minimalist design will only get you that far—you still need to clear out the clutter!


  1. In a Minimalist Bathroom Refresh The Look With Nature-Inspired Wall Panels

Designers prevent minimalist bathrooms from looking cold and uninviting by using elements that create a look that’s natural and organic. Follow their lead and ditch dark or horribly dated tiles and paint for laminated wall panels in pale grey, stone, sand or desert colours. The lighter shades make the space appear larger, and they reference the natural world. Plus, cleaning them is a breeze.

You can take the organic vibe a step further by adding one or more wooden accents, such as a shelf for the basin to sit on.


  1. Remove The Bathroom Boundaries in a Minimalist Bathroom Design

Shower cubicles, shower baths, screens for the loo and alcoves or separate areas for the basins can all have the effect of compartmentalising your bathroom. Obviously, the more of those elements you have, the more separated each area is from the others, and the smaller your bathroom seems. Removing the boundaries from the room is another minimalist design that can open it up.

One way of doing this is to create a gorgeously simple single-level wet room, which doesn’t have separate sections such as a shower cubicle. Instead, use a shower base former, as this pan makes it easy to have an open shower that doesn’t result in a flood. The overall design should be clean and neat, with towels and items that are not waterproof out of reach of the shower’s spray.

Other ways you can bring a boundaryless element (or one that’s pretty close) into your bathroom design include using a contemporary, low-profile acrylic shower pan instead of the full wet room idea, or a walk-in shower with a pivoting shower shield. The shield should be made of clear glass.


Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Design ideas


  1. Float Items To See The Floor in a minimalist bathroom design

Space is an important element in minimalist design, and you can bring this into your bathroom by floating as much as you can. By that, I mean ensuring you can see as much as the floor as possible by raising things off it. The more floor you see, the bigger the room feels. Replace a pedestal basin with a wall-mounted or shelf alternative and swap a cabinet that stands on the floor with a wall-mounted cabinet.

If mounting on the wall is not suitable, legs can help float items, as they allow you to see some floor under those objects. If your tub is to be the showpiece of your minimalist bathroom, consider a clawfoot bathtub as it creates the feeling of space underneath and around it.


minimalist bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Design ideas

  1. Let The Light Into a Minimalist Bathroom Design

Use light to create the feeling of airiness and space in your bathroom. Get rid of dark colours, dark and heavy furniture such as cabinets, and matte tiles. Lighter colours and glossy finishes, as well as elements such as glossy wall panels, will reflect light, making the room seem bigger.

Bring even more light into your bathroom by adding a solar light tube, a transom window, or a skylight. Besides allowing more light into the room, a skylight can create a feeling of space.


Minimalist Bathroom Design

Minimalist Bathroom Design ideas

  1. Add A Large Mirror in a minimalist bathroom

If your bathroom is like many bathrooms in Britain, it probably has one mirror in it, and that’s the small mirror on the wall-mounted cabinet above the basin. Change that by making the most of your wall space and installing the biggest mirror suitable for the room.

A large mirror can make the room seem much bigger and can double as a stunning feature. Frame it with natural-looking light wood for another organic touch in your minimalist bathroom.


  1. Put The Basin In The Corner – Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

Wall-mounted or not, a basin can take up space, but you can change that by adopting the minimalist approach that puts it in the corner. It’s still relatively unusual to see corner basins, so that alone will make it feature-worthy.

Choose a simple wall-mounted basin in white or use a stone or metallic bowl that rests on a shelf of wood, stone, or solid surface material, such as Corian. Wondering what to do about mirrors at a corner basin? Put one on each wall.


  1. Use Large Tiles Or Patterns

No matter the shape, small tiles or busy patterns will make your bathroom seem smaller than it is—even after you’ve packed away all your lotions and potions. Use large tiles or simple, linear patterns for minimalist bathroom designs that add a sense of space.

By using big tiles on the walls, you can create the illusion of more space. You can carry the idea through to the floor too, using large tiles and a shower pan to create a feeling of continuity.

If you prefer smaller tiles, such as the ever-popular subway tile, patterns are key to creating an illusion of depth and width. By choosing a clean, linear pattern that tricks the eye, you can create a feeling of elongating the room upwards and outwards.

  1. Add Recessed Shelves in a minimalist bathroom

Adding recessed shelves to your bathroom means you don’t need to use cabinets and cupboards, floating or otherwise. They offer you space for personal care products, bathing accessories and towels, without being intrusive. Beyond that, they add a bit of character to the room.


Minimalist bathroom

Minimalist bathroom ideas


  1. Install A Folding Shower Seat in a Minimalist Bathroom Design

A shower seat is a terrific way to relax in the shower, whether it’s enclosed or in a wet room. Built-in or large wooden benches or seats can look good if you have the space for them, but in the average home bathroom, they can make it feel a bit cramped. Eliminate that by mounting a folding shower seat on the wall instead. Keep it folded up when not in use and enjoy more space.

Bring several of these minimalist bathroom designs together to create a space that’s stylish, practical, and spacious—even if it’s small. Even the smallest bathroom can feel bigger with the right design elements in place.

Does your bathroom seem small and constrictive? Give the room a spacious and inviting feel with one or more of these transformative minimalist bathroom designs.


10. Decant

Decant shampoos and shower gels mouthwash etc form ugly plastic in to sleek and good looking dispensers that tie in with the feel of your bathroom and fdo not jar against it. White ceramic tends to work really well,.


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