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Minimalist storage pouches

Minimalist storage pouches

Minimalist storage pouches


I don’t know about you but I have so many bits and pieces just all over the place. I can’t find stuff I want and I don’t always have what I need. 

What I need is a better organisation system! If I knew where exactly everything was it would save me oodles of time and I would literally just be able to get on with things. That would definitely reduce my stress levels too, as chaos? – well, it is just not conducive to me feeling calm!


Custom Carry Co.

Custom Carry Co.’s range of three organisers (Sparrow, Skylark and Heron) help you carry what you need in an organised manner while sticking to minimalist design philosophy.

I do love minimalist design. It helps me feel so much more zen.



They work separately but go together beautifully and you can choose whatever you need 


Minimalist storage pouches


Minimalist storage pouches


Recycled materials

Each of the organisers is made from recycled leather – now I’m not a leather fab usually but this is such an ethical use of it  – the leather is re-purposed from the vast amount of waste produced by the fashion industry.

No plastics or anything unnatural goes into the construction of these cases so you can rest assured the ecological impact is at a minimum.

Did you know … horrible fact ahead)

Over 300,000 tonnes of clothing is discarded per year in the UK alone. This doesn’t account for the millions of tonnes of ‘waste’ material discarded by the clothing industry worldwide.

How rubbish is that? I am all for recycling.



These are going to be uber popular!

These gorgeous and handy handmade organisers are currently funding at over 300% on Kickstarter.

300%  – that’s pretty amazing!

Everyone needs a little stylish organisation it would seem!



Free personalisation

You also get free personalisation with these modular storage pouches which really individualise them You choose whatever you’d like to be engraved, permanently, into brass plate. You can take a look here at the Custom Carry Co.’s kickstarter campaign and see their system in more detail.


Isn’t it a gorgeous little storage system completely perfect way to help you keep your life in order!

What do you think of these minimalist storage pouches?


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