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5 Amazing Fusions of Modern and Traditional Interior Design

Today – 5 Amazing Fusions of Modern and Traditional Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, many of us are split two ways; some prefer all-contemporary décor, while others yearn for a more traditional design in our homes. Then there’s those of us somewhere in the middle that love to blend the vintage with the contemporary and bring a unique style to the table.


Fusions of Modern and Traditional Interior Design

From living rooms to bathrooms, sofas to tables, there are many ways to create a harmony between modern and traditional design aspects in the home. Here we have 5 examples:


Bathroom by Kelley McDowell

[Source – House Beautiful]

With an intriguing mix of dark wood finishes and gleaming white walls and ceramic, this bathroom is undoubtedly a fine amalgamation of old and new. The freestanding bathtub and chandelier provide the traditional touches in this room, framed by a contemporary arrangement of framed portraits and an incredible Ojai river rock floor completing this spectacular bathroom interior.

The only colour in the room comes from the Aztec patterned rug and the stargazer lilies on the side table which provide a much-needed burst of hue to the monochrome colour scheme.


Apartment by Michael Dawkins

[Source – Michael Dawkins Home]

Michael proves his adept skill of fusing traditional and contemporary interior elements to create something of true style, as this luxurious bedroom confirms. The traditional, white, gilded chairs face a simple, practical white desk in a face-off of old and new, with an incredible view to go! You’ll be glad of the white furniture though as the walls and floor are extremely dark. But you’ve got to admit, it contrasts well!


Chesterfield from Sofa Sofa

5 Amazing Fusions of Modern and Traditional Interior Design

[Source – Sofa Sofa]

Ah, the chesterfield. It has been a symbol of interior class for centuries and it is believed that the first was commissioned by the 4th earl of Chesterfield; with deep quilting and a low seat base, the sofa was a success and henceforth retained the title of its namesake.

Placed in a modern living room, along with the matching leather armchair and footstool, Sofa Sofa have contemporised the classic design of the Chesterfield into something fresh and easily compatible with modern interior style.


Renovation – Reading Room

[Source – Daily Mail]

There seems to be a theme going here with the dark walls, but again it does seem to work incredibly well. This grandiose Victorian reading room is a sight to admire; the crimson armchairs and feature fireplace provide the room with a stylish elegance that retains its period feel.

What really draws all the elements in, is the table. With its curved base and uncentered table top, this table really distracts you from all the traditional elements and leaves you transfixed at the centrepiece.


Industrial floor lamp

[Source – Vintage Industrial Style]

This industrial-style living room provides a very apparent juxtaposition between modern and antique – the floor lamp is just incredible; with an all brass body and even a unique counter-weight and pulley system for adjusting the height of the lamp, such engineering!

Along with the restored wooden floorboards, the brass lamp contrasts well with some of the more modern design elements – such as the grey sofa and the fantastic, geometric wallpaper completing the room.


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  1. October 13, 2018 / 9:19 am

    Lovely makeover. I’m too much impressed with your bathroom design idea. you have some creative knowledge surely. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. April 21, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    Totally love this mix of styles, though in our recent renovation I generally find myself leaning towards all contemporary and am scared to upset the balance!

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