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Modern Interior Design Ideas

The evolution of interior design has been pretty hard to keep up with over the last few years, with trends changing every few months it seems. Whether you are living in a small apartment or a more spacious house, there is art tons of ideas on interior design that can help you transform your space. Whether you want to remodel your home into a modern work of art or just add some style and functionality on a budget, these modern interior design ideas are on the rise and here to stay!

  • Unique fireplace

Modern Interior Design Ideas

Image: SparkFires

Fire places are increasingly becoming a fashion statement. Choose a modern looking fireplace or add to one you already have. Stone, metal and glass fireplaces are on the rise. If you don’t have one built in you can opt for a wall-mounted fireplace just for looks. Other creative options include a suspended fireplace and the portable tabletop fireplace. Choose the fireplace that adds elegance to your space. In addition to providing warmth into your house, an attractive fireplace can add class while keeping your design cozy and homey.

  • Mirrors


Consider putting large mirrors at strategic positions in your living area. Mirrors are among the best decorations in your house as they add depth and elegance to any room. Mirrors also create an illusion of bigger space and are best utilized in small spaces with high traffic and tight walk ways.

Image: Pinterest

  • Lighting fixtures

Almost every home can be upgraded by adding beautiful, modern light fixtures. Go for a big change and add a stylish chandelier, or opt for small bedside and end table lamps. You can add some funky, artistic patterns here with small lamp shades without contrasting your main interior design theme.

  • Set up a home library

Whether you are a book lover or not, creating an elegant library in your home is the easiest way to add sophistication and class. You don’t need to transform a room, or add an entire wing; find some underutilized space in your guest bedroom or living room and add a rustic bookshelf and comfy lounge chair! Contrary to popular belief, this can be a low budget add to most mid – large size rooms.

  • Natural Look Flooring

The elegance of your home depends a lot on your floor. Invest in modern, functional flooring. Most modern homes are opting for natural stain engineered hardwood flooring or durable vinyl flooring that looks like wood. Opt for wood that is oil-stained for an even more earthy look.


Image: GoHaus Oak Flooring

  • Space saving cube

This cube is an all-in-one piece of furniture that can be used for placing the TV, books, shoes, clothes and other items. The cube helps you conserve space by allowing for storage inside while acting as a piece of furniture for all sorts of uses.

  • Suspended bed

In case you do not have enough space and are looking to create more room for storage, having a suspended bed in your room is a great idea. Pull out sofas and roll out air mattresses are out of date. A stylish suspended bed allows you to utilize the space underneath without losing the comfort of a real bed.


image source = HomedIt

  • Hidden work-space

More and more people are working from home. Often times you don’t want a full blown office taking up space in your home, especially if you are tight on empty rooms or square footage. Use a multi-use desk tucked in the corner of the kitchen or guest room. Opt for open up benches that act as storage as well as place to sit. You can even transform a regular table by adding a topper with cabinet space to store files, electronics and office supplies.

With these up and coming modern design tips you can fully transform a room or just add a touch of modern to your home with easy low budget upgrades!




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