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Modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch Right Now

Today – Modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch Right Now

Modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch

Modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch

Are you wondering which modern lifestyle habits you should ditch?

It’s a whole new world today- our ancestors would probably marvel at the advancements we have made over the past few years, and while all of that has been centred around making our lives better in all possible ways, it has also gotten the worst of us, and led us to adopt lifestyle changes that are actually causing us more harm than good.

Read on to discover the 6 modern lifestyle changes you need to ditch right away!


Late Night Snacking

Late night snacking equals mindless munching, and its effects go far beyond just weight gain. It has been linked to heartburn, a rise in blood sugar and cholesterol levels and even an increased risk of different chronic diseases (if carried on in the long run).

Experts believe that it is best to have your dinner at least a couple of hours before your bedtime, and not eat anything late at night. (Check out my frugal fitness tips a if you have been indulging)



We’re all guilty of this one. The human body is actually not meant to be inactive- it doesn’t matter if you have a desk job- you need to move around and give your body some exercise. A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to everything from posture damage to an increased risk of chronic health conditions.

Make it a point to take breaks every now and then and move around if you’re at a desk job, and squeeze in at least 20 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis.


Netflix Bingeing – absolutely one of the modern lifestyle habits you should ditch right now

You’re already well aware of the hazards of increased screen time- we’re all facing it, and that occasional Netflix binge is just taking it up a notch! Not only does this reduce your physical activity, but also makes you more likely to indulge in unhealthy snacking- both of which are bad (really bad) for your health, as we already discussed above!


Modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch

Staying Up Late – Modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch

This one’s one of the perfect examples of how we have voluntarily chosen to be unhealthy and adopt a lifestyle habit that makes no sense. Staying up late and then waking up late doesn’t just mess up our circadian rhythm, but has also been linked to lower cognitive function, lack of energy and even reduced life expectancy. It is no surprise most wildly successful (and happy) people are early birds!
Make it a point to get to bed as early as you can, and then wake up early- giving your body atleast 7 to 8 hours of sleep to recharge itself.


Social Media Addiction

Being addicted to our gadgets (and social media in particular) has affected us in more ways than one. It’s not just about the neck and shoulder pain anymore- studies have found how spending more time on social media can also cause anxiety and other such mental health issues.

What’s more, the blue light from your device can also disrupt your sleep rhythm, making you more prone to insomnia. Find ways to limit your use of gadgets and devices, especially to mindlessly scroll through your Instagram feed.


Modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch – Sleeping With Gadgets

Being on your phone all day is one thing, and then having it beside you while you sleep is another thing altogether. Sleeping with your gadgets beside you is a big no-no, especially if you tend to listen to music or watch a TV show before you fall asleep. By doing this you’re actually conditioning yourself to sleep only when you do them, and also risk developing insomnia and feeling fatigued even when you wake up in the morning!

Keep your gadgets away from you while you sleep- your bedside table works, but the far the gadgets are from you, the better. This is absolutely one of the  key  Modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch Right Now


Modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch


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I hope this little look at modern Lifestyle Habits you Should Ditch right now has been helpful. I am guilty of ALL the above …which ones do you indulge in and could do with changing?


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