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Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home 

Are you looking for modern small kitchen design ideas?

Having a small space for a kitchen is never an ideal situation to find yourself in. It can be very limiting in all the wrong ways if you don’t know how to effectively manage your space.

But just because you have a small kitchen space doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the ideas; you have to make the space your own. Obviously, within reason, some ideas won’t be feasible, but there may be some alternative ideas that can provide a similar aesthetic to what you are looking for.

This article will highlight some modern small kitchen design ideas that you can explore to make the most of the kitchen space that you have while keeping your kitchen stylish.


Modern Small Kitchen Design


Use A Heated Towel Rail

This may seem like a strange suggestion to start with, but normal radiators can take up a lot of room in any kind of living space. And while the case can be made to have radiators in rooms such as the living room or the bedroom where you will spend the majority of your time, the kitchen doesn’t really need one.

Usually, cooking in the kitchen will keep it warm, and so the radiator becomes a place to store towels rather than a way to heat the room itself. So, why not ditch the radiator and opt to go for a heated towel rail instead?

And for fairly small spaces that don’t need a powerful radiator to heat them, using a towel rail may be enough to keep the space warm in the winter when cooking.

As an added bonus, there are a lot of stylish, modern heated towel rails that are ideal for creating an elegant contemporary space, like the selection Trade Radiators offer.

Modern Small Kitchen Design

Allocate Storage Space For Your Appliances

This idea is becoming a common way to give larger kitchens a modern flair. But for smaller kitchen spaces, this idea can be a great way to save space and ensure you still have the same functionality as any other kitchen.

Having appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and fridge etched into the counter spaces themselves rather than sitting freely can save a tremendous amount of space.

It will allow you the freedom to move in your kitchen space with trip hazards and make your kitchen feel modern.


 Declutter Your Cupboards

It may not strike you as a space-saving technique straight away, but de-cluttering the cupboards can help a great deal. We are all guilty of keeping too many things on the countertops of our kitchens. Things such as spices, cutlery buckets, and even just stacked plates or bowls can really limit your counter space.

But instead of simply re-organizing your cupboards to put all these things away out of sight, you can improve your kitchen’s storage solutions and double them up as stylistic features.

Why not buy an ornate spice rack that mounts onto the wall? That way, you have the quick access you crave coupled with a trendy wall fixture.

Or, instead of having a cutlery bin on top of your counter, why not do the same thing and create a wall-mounted rack to store them? Better yet, if you match the two styles of the spice rack and cutlery rack, it can look spectacular.


Modern Small Kitchen Design

Invest In Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a brilliant idea for not only saving space but for keeping your kitchen – and your home – looking sleek and modern. It can be a hefty investment, to begin with, but over time you’ll enjoy the luxury of creating a space that feels bigger than it is.

But sliding doors don’t just need to be for the entryways and exits. You can upgrade your stove set up to employ the use of a sliding door, and certain models of the fridge have followed suit with the sliding door revolution.

Having doors that can slide out the way keeps the open space in your kitchen truly open.



Use Shelves On Your Wall Space

Using the spare space just below the ceiling line for shelving is a good way to squeeze in some extra storage options for your kitchen. Depending on your height and your kitchen layout, you may need to use a stool to reach them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them.

These kinds of storage areas are brilliant for the long-term storage of items you may not use as often, such as specialty cooking utensils or even decorative items. 

And depending on the aesthetic that you are going for, this idea can play into certain styles such as the cottage core or rustic styles that are becoming ever more popular nowadays.


Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas – In Conclusion

Making the most out of the space you have is what home design has always been about. With smaller spaces, you may not have as many options as some larger spaces out there, but it does provide ample opportunity to be different.

So take those opportunities and create something unique to you.



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