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Modern Wallpaper Trends – 6 Beautiful Ideas

Modern wallpaper trends – let’s take a look at what is hot.


modern wallpaper trends


Modern Wallpaper Trends and why we should embrace them

I have been looking at modern wallpaper trends and thinking maybe it’s time my white walls were given a new lease of life.

As we all know, rooms can get a bit boring. But wallpaper’s back on the rise to save us from the mundanity and become a trendy addition to our living spaces. Whether it’s your sitting room, kitchen, bedroom (or even bathroom!) it can be wallpapered!  I think it really is time we all got ready for the return of this old-but-gold design approach. You might want to also tal a look at this post on choosing the best wallpaper for your project 


What are the Modern Wallpaper Trends

We’ve just witnessed the craze of simplistic and clean-cut interior design, where we see everybody with the same white walls and minimalist furniture/decorations. In my opinion, this was a bit of a shame really, we wasted all our creativity leaving our walls bare with no personality, no individuality.

Boo. I love my Alice in wonderland wallpaper as I am sure you know!

Is this why we’re seeing the resurgence of the sweet-looking, inviting, and homely accessory that is wallpaper?

It can give you that renovated, re-fashioned and elegant look that an old paint-job just can’t, so if you’re looking to make that big change to your living space what better way than with the stylish and beautiful addition of wallpaper to make it your own?


Modern wallpaper trends


Inspiration for modern wallpaper trends

If you know you want to make a statement in your interior design but just don’t know how below are some examples of the most popular modern wallpapers and some cool concepts for you to try.


  1. Geometric Patterns

Zig-zags, squares, hexagons, you name it, often enhanced with metallic colours, this design can brighten up the room and give it that wow-factor, whilst also maintaining the simplicity of a repeated pattern. Structured but splendid geometric patterns have always been cool and remain an interior design lovers delight,


  1. Modern wallpaper trends include The Ombre Effect

A much simpler and calmer design than the geometric ombre is very on – trend right now. It lets you play with colours whilst also retaining that soothing atmosphere perfect for a bedroom, This not only helps you wind down after a long day it is also absolutely pleasing to the eye.


  1. Large Scale Natural Images

Whether you choose a flower, marble or rock these natural designs are sure to transport you into nature and let you experience its beauty from the comfort of your home. You can choose any design, maybe even a crystal/gemstone and have it enlarged for an intriguing accessory to your room.

I adore that you can use your own images and make a really bespoke piece of art that is entirely personal and full of meaning.

On a smaller scale, woodland animals and leaves and various foliage abound.


  1. Watercolours in Modern wallpaper trends

Similar to the ombre effect,  a watercolour design on wallpaper allows  a peaceful and airy atmosphere that will just make you feel GOOD.

It can be as complex or simple as you’d like and give that same unmatched pleasure of seeing a beautiful hand-painted masterpiece, what better to enhance your living room or bedroom with? Eastern influences and hand-drawn images are strong influences this season too.


5. Rough surfaces on modern wallpaper trends

Wallpaper this season uses lots of rough and  natural textures like stone, wood and marble giving a very natural and earthy look to walls

modern wallpaper trends


  6. Metallic sheens in Modern wallpaper trends

Metallics sheens can be seen on lots of modern wallpaper trends in 2019 and give a luxe look to your decor.


Other Uses for Modern Wallpaper

If you’re thinking a whole wall of wallpaper might be a bit over-powering, there’s plenty of other ways to incorporate it into your house. For example: as a lining for your drawers; DIY book covers; wrapping paper and the list just goes on.

Take a look at my Alice in Wonderland wallpaper post for some extra wallpapering inspiration.

Some links to tutorials on these simple, fun and cost-effective DIY’s :

https://youtu.be/lOnpKf1JELE –  How to use wallpaper for a drawer lining

https://youtu.be/AeHzOGHHq18 –  How to create book covers



How To Hang Modern Wallpaper

Another pro to modern wallpaper is – it’s cheap!

If you can do it yourself that is, getting it put up for you can often be quite costly, but why to bother when it’s so simple to do yourself. Have a go, save some money. I know DIY can be super scary but once you have tried it you might find it is actually not half as hard as you think it is going to be, 

Here’s a link to a tutorial that’s going to help you every step of the way and hopefully you can come out of it with some beautiful looking wallpaper to enhance your house.


Do practice with cheap wallpaper in a small area until you have it right!


Quirky substitutes for modern wallpaper trends

Another interesting DIY is to substitute modern wallpaper trends for is wrapping paper. If you have a load of left over wrapping paper from Christmas or a birthday why not put it to some use and use it as a wallpaper alternative.

In fact, it’s probably easier to put up and is even better as it’s a great way to recycle! Wrapping paper could also be a good idea for the drawer inserts if you have any leftover, I mean wallpaper and wrapping paper are practically interchangeable right?


In conclusion, what better way to lift your house and make it feel more like a home than with wallpaper. It’s so much more personal and distinctive than the same paint we’ve been getting a little too comfortable with. If you love it go for it, don’t stay in your – although perhaps familiar – monotonous house, painted with those simple white walls that make you the same as everyone else. Dare to be bold. Don’t you agree its time to let some excitement back into our lives? Modern Wallpaper trends are the thing to embrace if you want to add a little zest to your interiors.


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on Modern wallpaper trends – I’d love to know what you think about wallpaper and if it is something you would consider having or indeed, do have in your home?


modern wallpaper trends


Guest post on modern wallpaper trends from Charlotte Blatherwick – If you enjoyed this post on modern wallpaper you might also like my post on Alice in Wonderland wallpaper


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