Monochrome Going Out Dresses

Monochrome going out dresses really get my vote.

I don’t exactly have a fine selection of going out dresses. Most of my clothes are casual and even my best dresses tend to be informal. Typical I suppose of a busy, work at home mum, who is often tucked up in bed with a good book by 10 pm.

However, I have a couple of awards ceremonies coming up that demand a couple of  great going out dresses so I am on the hunt!


Monochrome Going Out Dresses

My preferred style is always simple  and I tend to go for plain patterns and fairly block, neutral colours. Quiz have a lovely range of going out dresses Here are my top 3 from their collection.

This gorgeous skater dress is absolutely my style. I love the off the shoulder sleeves (very Bardot!) and the way it would give me a nice hour glass silhouette. The simple contrast of colours is a nice touch without being too much and I think it’s lovely.

black white

Black Contrast Crochet Trim Skater Dress £29.99

I am also rather loving this excellent value overlay’s sweet, simple and completely classic and it is just perfect for an evening out.


laser cut

Cream And Black Laser Cut Overlay Dress £14.99

More monochrome with this Stripy Bardot and isn’t it a fabulous design? Really sharp and pretty too. I may have to up he summer salad s and cut down a bit on the cakes to wear this one!

stripy bardot

Black And Cream Bardot Midi Dress £36.99

 I love these simple silver shoes £29.99 and also from Quiz

silver shoes

I think they would compliment each of my dress choices.

Which one is your favourite?

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