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Motivation for Cleaning & a Routine Cleaning Plan

Do you have motivation for cleaning?

There are many different ways to use motivation in your life.

One way to use motivation in your life is to help keep yourself motivated and involved with your kids, another is to keep motivated when it comes to keeping up the yard. But on of the hardest things that you can do is to keep yourself motivated when it comes to keeping a cleaner home. If you struggle with keeping your home clean here are some tips on how to motivate yourself to keep a cleaner home.

Motivation for cleaning is absolutely possible!

Motivation for Cleaning

Motivation for Cleaning

  • The first tip on how to motivate yourself to keep a cleaner home is by setting a time each day to clean. By setting a time stick to it. If you know that you only have to spend an hour each day cleaning this way you are more willing to do it because you know it is not going to take up all of your day.
  • The second tip on how to motivate yourself to keep a cleaner home is by rewarding yourself. When there are rewards it usually helps to add motivation. Even if it is a simple reward like going and getting an ice cream cone or renting a movie to watch. No matter what you decide to do make sure that you are rewarded.
  • The third tip on how to motivate yourself to keep a cleaner home is when it comes to the dishes. Make sure that your dishwasher is always empty. This will help you to have less dishes in the sink and more in the dishwasher. This will help you to be more motivated to keep on top of it so you do not have to do a ton of dishes every time you do them.
  • The fourth tip on how to motivate yourself to keep a cleaner home is to make a list. A list is a good tool to use to help you see everything that you need to get done. The other great thing about a list is that when you get one of the items done you can cross is off. Being able to cross things off will help you become more motivated to get the whole list crossed off.
  • The fifth tip on how to motivate yourself to keep a cleaner home is to make things habit. For example if you start making your bed every morning this will help motivate you to start doing it every day.
  • The sixth tip on how to motivate yourself to keep a cleaner home is to make a schedule of what chores you want to get done on each day. If you have a schedule where you only vacuum on one day and dust on another you won’t be overwhelmed with having to clean everything at once.
  • The seventh tip on how to motivate yourself to keep a cleaner home is to buy organizers. Getting organized and having a place for everything will help you not feel overwhelmed because you do not have a place to put things.


Motivation for Cleaning – More tips

These are all ways on how to motivate yourself to keep a cleaner home. Having a clean home helps there to be more peace and wow! is that c good motivation for cleaning 

If you have a clean home you will relieve a lot of stress and worry off of yourself. So take the time and do little things to help motivate yourself to keep a cleaner house so you can do more important things than worry about cleaning your house all of the time like spending more time with your family and friends.

Now you have the motivation for cleaning how do you actually go about it and how do you bring routine cleaning into your life?


Motivation for Cleaning


Routine Cleaning

Housecleaning plans can make a big difference to how much time you actually spend cleaning – but do you wonder how to start?

Nothing lifts a heavy mood like a clean home. Clear the clutter and do the whole job one room at a time. Experience the sparkle and clean scents to stay motivated.

Every person has his or her housecleaning strategy. Some people love to clean, while others detest the job. Whether one jumps right in to get the work done, or procrastinates until the very end, try these time and energy saving steps to make routine housecleaning go faster.


Create a Housecleaning Plan to push your Motivation for Cleaning

An organized plan makes housecleaning easier. Cleaning one room at a time provides faster visible results as compared to cleaning a whole house by running from room to room. Spend less energy by storing cleaning supplies in one area such as in a closet or under the sink.

Decide what room to clean first and stick with that room until the job is done. Some individuals like to start with an easy room first, because once the work is complete, he or she is motivated to move on to the next challenge. Others like to clean the worst room first and get it over with.

Gather cleaners and tools. A caddy or small cart comes in very handy for hauling cleaning supplies from room to room. Add a diversion if it helps, like turning on the television, radio, or stereo.


Motivation for Cleaning


Clean the Living Room and Den

Get toys and clutter out of the room first to make the job easier. Start at the top by cleaning high places and then work down to the floor.

Pick up clothes and put the clean items away (or have the owners do it). Sort and load soiled items into laundry baskets, or bundle them for the dry cleaner.
Toss old newspapers and any clutter. Put away the kids’ toys – or have the owners do it. It’s never too early to teach children good cleaning habits.
Vacuum drapes and dust high places like ceiling fans. Dust furniture and polish; vacuum floors (or sweep) last.

If young children want to help, then let them run dirty clothes to the laundry room, vacuum, or polish furniture. This is the way kids learn to take pride in the home.


Motivation for Cleaning


Bed and Bath Cleaning Strategies

Spray shower tile (and shower doors if one has them), sink, toilet, and tub with cleaners about 15 to 20 minutes ahead of time. Cleaners need time to work before being rinsed or wiped away. Bed linens should be changed at least once every two weeks, or more often if needed.

Emptying trash cans (in any room) is easier if one puts several bags at the bottom of the can before lining with a plastic bag. The next time the trash has to be emptied, a clean bag is ready and waiting on the spot.

Change bed linens quicker by having a clean set ready to replace the soiled set. One does not have to go back later to make the bed. In warm weather, open windows to air out a room and let in the fresh outdoor scents.

Dust as needed. Vacuum drapes or blinds, and vacuum or dry-mop high-traffic floor areas.

Shower curtains and liners can be laundered in the washer on the delicate setting. Add detergent and a towel or two to help scrub away dirt. To dry the curtain, hang it back on the shower rod and let it drip dry, or toss it in the dryer for ten minutes on a no-heat setting.

Clean mirrors, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes. By now the cleaners sprayed on the shower tile, tub, etc. should be working. Clean and rinse the sprayed areas, and don’t forget the toilet handle, faucets, and vanity drawer pulls to eliminate harmful germs.

Mop the floor. Never use an oil-based cleaner (such as some pine cleaners) on a floor that frequently gets wet, such as a bathroom floor. The oil film can make floor tiles slippery, causing falls.


Motivation for Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Steps

The kitchen is a tough room to clean even with self-cleaning ovens and frost-free refrigerators. The job is less intimidating when a few short-cuts are used.

Clean any dirty dishes and put them away.

Change burner drip pans rather than spend a lot of time trying to scrub them. The gleaming new additions will brighten the room.

Clean the oven (unless it’s a self-cleaning type). Try green living cleaning products as opposed to harmful products with dangerous fumes. Baking soda is a natural abrasive grease cutter.

Scan the refrigerator at least once a week and dispose of any old and/or out-of-date items. Thoroughly clean the refrigerator at least once a month, including vacuuming the coils on the back of the unit, for optimum energy savings and product efficiency.

Take out the garbage. In the kitchen, use a receptacle with a cover for a cleaner appearance.

Wipe down cabinets where grease may have spattered. Clean drawer pulls, the refrigerator door handle, and any place hands routinely touch.

Disinfect counter tops with bleach and water, or use kitchen wipes to make the job go even faster.

Sweep and mop the floor.

Motivation for Cleaning

Final thoughts on motivation for cleaning

The clean look and feel of a home lifts the mood and relaxes the mind; in fact, housecleaning is a known method to reduce stress. Planning ahead and keeping cleaners and equipment ready-to-go helps cut down on cleaning time. Using green cleaners keeps indoor air free from harmful chemicals. A good plan results not only in a clean home, but one also gains a healthier environment and personal satisfaction.

Motivation for Cleaning


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