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MrGuild Suits You: From Classic to Contemporary, The Double-Breasted Suit Trend Takes Over

People change, so does fashion. Over time, the new replaces the old. Sometimes the old reappears. Now is the time for classic double-breasted suits. Exemplifying a distinctive style suitable for the modern gentleman, MrGuild announces that sales of double-breasted suits rose 60% last year and are expected to remain a bestseller in 2023.




Leading e-commerce brand MrGuild launches new double breasted, reconstructed formal attire and green-suited looks inspired by current trends in men’s tailoring and changes in how shoppers want to dress. 

Sparked by nostalgia for the classic, vintage look they offer as well as the power-dressing appearance conveying authority and confidence, the double-breasted suit has been referred by GQ magazine writer Teo van den Broeke as “this season’s most important cut”.



While double-breasted suits have a classic look, many modern designers like MrGuild have put their own spin on the style. From bold patterns and colours to innovative cuts and fabrics, the double-breasted suit has been given a fresh, contemporary update that appeals to a new generation of fashion-conscious consumers and MrGuild is one of the men’s fashion retailers that is leading the charge with its wildly successful green suits.

The MrGuild green double-breasted has outsold all other colours after their wardrobe-staple grey and black styles. In 2022, double-breasted suit sales increased by 60% and are expected to continue to be best-sellers in 2023 due to their versatility and the influence of celebrities.


Double-breasted suits come in a variety of styles and can be worn in several different ways. They can be dressed up for formal occasions like weddings or dressed down for more casual events. This versatility makes them a great choice for anyone looking to build a versatile wardrobe.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing double-breasted suits in recent years, from Ryan Gosling to David Beckham. As these style icons continue to set trends, their influence has helped to bring the double-breasted suit back into fashion.

According to a recent McKinsey’s report, formal attire is being rethought as consumers change how they dress for work, weddings, and other occasions. “While offices and events will likely become more casual, special occasions may be dominated by statement-making outfits that consumers rent or buy to stand out when they do decide to dress up,” states the report, going on to note that the luxury fashion sector is expected to grow between 5 and 10 percent in 2023.

Created to inspire and achieve a unique style suitable for the modern-day gentleman, MrGuild designs are truly remarkable and other suiting brands are finding it difficult to compete with their tailor-made creations and exquisite peak lapels.


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