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Must haves to look your best on holiday

Want to look your best for an upcoming holiday? Whether you plan to lounge beside a pool or explore the sites on a city break, there are some simple ways to make sure you look effortless, whatever you’re doing.

Here are some things you might want to consider.  


look your best on holiday


Hotter climates call for adapted skincare routines. Frequent exposure to the sun means you’ll need a good SPF that works well for your skin type. You can get formulas designed to sit nicely on your face so that you don’t have to put up with gloopy formulas. Just bear in mind the fact that you’ll need to top up your suncream frequently throughout the day, so save any face make-up for the evening.

For morning and nighttime routines, try your best to stick to what works – many people use travel-sized tubes so that they can bring their go-to products on holiday. Exfoliation and hydration can help to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing, meanwhile, cooler showers followed by a moisturiser can help to lock any moisture in place without aggravating the skin.



Accessories are a great way of switching up your look while on holiday. Having a selection of sunglasses, whether in cat-eye or rectangular styles, is a must for making your holiday look pop. Meanwhile, jewellery can help you maintain a spot of glamour, even if you’re unwinding by the pool. A pair of diamond earrings can help to add a touch of sparkle and will look particularly beautiful as the sun begins to set. Golden hour photos anyone?

You might have space for several bags for your trip, but if you don’t you could always go for a larger, multi-functional straw tote bag that accentuates your look during the day and squeeze in an additional clutch bag for the evening.



Depending on your hair type, increased humidity in hotter climates can be a pain while on holiday. Some suggestions include leave-in conditioner and hair oil to help tame your hair. Some may find it beneficial to wear their hair in braids to keep everything intact. Many experts also recommend embracing your natural hair so that you don’t feel frustrated if your hair goes frizzy after taking the time to straighten it.

Keep in mind the fact that swimming pool water contains chlorine, so if you think this will negatively impact your hair, it might be best to keep your head above the water. On another note, make sure you wear a hat and avoid direct sunlight on your scalp, otherwise you could become burnt and experience a dry, flaky scalp.



Some people follow the concept of a capsule wardrobe when going on holiday, where you intentionally choose items that can be mixed and matched. Consider day-to-night transitions when choosing your items.

This might look like neutral pieces paired with vibrant accessories – so long as it’s personal and tailored to your personal style, you won’t go far wrong. Timeless pieces that aren’t entirely trend-based will mean you won’t regret your clothing when looking back at photos! Plus, it means you’ll have a go-to set of clothes for future holidays.

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