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My Beautiful Things by Eileen from Your Money Sorted

I’m delighted to have the lovely Eileen from Your Money Sorted with us this week at A Beautiful Space…I’ll let her introduce herself:


Hi I am Eileen, wife of Dougie and mum to 3 teenagers, who blogs at Your Money Sorted.

I have always loved making the most of my money, but I started blogging about it couple of years ago, when I became a financial coach.  I always thought that money was just about numbers, but have discovered that it is about so much more.  The way we behave with money is connected to our emotions, our values and our attitudes, commonly known as our money mindset.   It’s this mindset that makes the biggest difference to our finances, so I blog about how it affects us and how we can change it to make our lives happier, healthier and wealthier.

The most beautiful day I ever had is a bit of a strange one!  It was the summer of 2006, when Dougie and I travelled 40 miles along the coast with our then 4 year old daughter to camp for a night.  It was a gorgeous day, the sun was out and we played on the beach for hours.  We then had a very average dinner in the campsite restaurant, followed by a pint each, while watching our daughter playing at the park.

It doesn’t sound like a very momentous day does it?  It felt like the most amazing day to us though.  Why? Because we had left our 2 year old twins with grandparents, because we were both so exhausted from bringing up 3 kids so close in age.  Daughter number one was only 22 months when our twins were born, so it had been a hard couple of years.

That day was a huge turning point for us, because we realised that life was going to get easier and that we had so much to look forward to.  I genuinely will never forget that day for the rest of my life!

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is the Scottish countryside.  So much of it is truly breath-taking, and has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.  For me the best of way of seeing it is from my bike.  I love both road and mountain biking, and the freedom of being out on the bike, combined with the stunning views is hard to beat.



The most beautiful thing I have ever owned is probably our timeshare in Aviemore.  It is not beautiful to look at, but in terms of what it does for me and my family, it is the most beautiful thing you can imagine.  Our teenagers absolutely LOVE Aviemore, and at a time when many teens stop wanting to go on holiday with their parents, ours are always desperate to go.  It’s a time for the 5 of us to escape from life and to just chill out, enjoying the mountain air and the lovely, relaxed atmosphere of the Highlands.

The most beautiful song I have ever heard is Folding Stars by Biffy Clyro. Hearing Simon Neil performing it live in Glasgow was the most emotional and amazing experience, and hearing it now transports me right back to that night.

The most beautiful person I know is a previous client.  Her name is Fran and she is truly the most selfless, caring, thoughtful and amazing person I have ever met. I just love her!

The most beautiful thing about me is….. This is a difficult one!  Firstly I am a woman, so I am naturally very hard on myself, and secondly, I am Scottish and we are not known for blowing our own trumpets!  However, I think the most beautiful thing about me is my genuine desire to help people to make their lives better.  Through my teaching and my financial coaching, I love nothing better than being able to help someone to have that breakthrough moment, that allows them to go on and improve their life.

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Thankyou so much Eileen!

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